State-of-the-Art Metrology & 3D Scanning Solutions

3D Scanning & Digitization

Shop the latest 3D Scanners from Artec, Scantech, Faro, and Evatronix, as well as our own OEM solutions like the all-new RM-300 Automated Inspection Mobile Workstation. Not ready to buy your own 3D scanner or system just yet? Not to worry, our expert team of engineers is happy to help with your project, with access to the latest and great 3D scanning technology available!


Having the right accessories is key to maximizing your 3D scanning project. One must-have accessory for 3D scanning is scan spray, which helps to improve the accuracy of the 3D scanning process by reducing the reflection of the object's surface, making it easier for the scanner to capture the detail of the object. We offer a range of AESUB scan sprays and accessories.

3D Scanning Software

3D scanning software plays a crucial role in 3D scanning, converting raw scan data into usable 3D models. Industry leading 3D scanning software we carry includes: PolyWorks|Inspector™, Artec Studio, DezignWorks, GeoMagic Design X & Control X, and QUICKSURFACE (we also create custom solutions with the ideal software/hardware stack for the customer and application).


As a Gold partner, Digitize Designs holds the highest Artec 3D certification level available. This annual certification process measures a partner’s aptitude in the use and support of all Artec 3D products.

Purchasing Artec 3D products from us ensures you will have the most knowledgeable company to support your 3D scanning needs.

3D Scanners

Let us find the right 3D scanning solution for you. We offer four product lines as well as custom OEM solutions

3D Scanning Services

Don’t have the budget or long-term application for a 3D scanner of your own? We provide professional 3D scanning services.

Part Inspection & Quality Control

Inspection and quality control solutions are our specialty: from specialized 3D scanning systems to our own RM-300 Mobile Inspection Workstation.

Reverse engineering

One of the most common uses of 3D scans is reverse engineering. We offer reverse engineering services to convert your parts into usable CAD data.


A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Dynamic 3D Scanning Workflow

In this era of digital revolution, 3D scanning has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing industries and paving the way for groundbreaking innovations. From architectural design and cultural preservation to manufacturing and entertainment, businesses across various sectors are embracing the transformative power of 3D scanning. However, to fully harness its potential,

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Digitize Designs’ RM-300 Hits the Headlines: Metrology News

As we introduce the latest 3D scanning and inspection innovation — the Digitize Designs RM-300, an Automated Mobile 3D Scanning Inspection Workstation, we’re excited about the buzz continuing to build in the industry! Today, Digitize Designs and the RM-300 have been featured in the industry-leading publication Metrology News, highlighting this

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The 2023 Innovation Conference Recap

This year is packed full of conferences for us at Digitize Designs, and we wanted to share some quick updates from our recent exhibition at the 2023 Innovation Conference at the Nissan Plant in Canton, Mississippi. This gathering of automotive manufacturing innovators took place on April 12 and 13 and

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Press Release: RM-300 Product Launch!

Developed by Digitize Designs, the RM-30 integrates industry-leading hardware, software, and components from our partners: it’s built on the Vention platform, uses SCANTECH SIMSCAN for 3D scanning/sensing, employs Universal Robot’s URE3 for robotics, is powered by a  custom-built PC by Top Flight Computers, controlled by a Dell Touchscreen Monitor, and

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