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Looking for high-quality 3D scanning technology without the premium price tag? You’ve come to the right place! At Digitize Designs, we offer a select range of demo models that are in excellent condition and available at significantly reduced prices.


Scantech Trackscan-P42

Dynamic 3D Scanning with Unmatched Precision and Versatility

The TrackScan-P42 is a cutting-edge 3D scanning system that offers an unparalleled combination of speed and accuracy. Its multi-modal capabilities allow users to effortlessly switch between 17 crossed blue laser lines for rapid scanning, 7 parallel lines for capturing intricate details, and a single laser line for collecting 3D data in hard-to-reach areas such as deep holes and blind spots. With a staggering scanning rate of 1.9 million measurements per second, the TrackScan-P42 provides an exceptionally smooth user experience.

Intelligent Features for Enhanced Efficiency and Precision

What sets the TrackScan-P42 apart is its marker-free, intelligent optical tracking, significantly reducing setup time and operational costs. This feature ensures instantaneous scanning without the need for external markers, simplifying the workflow and enhancing overall efficiency. Moreover, the system includes a wireless portable CMM T-Probe, designed for capturing highly precise 3D data with a single-point repeatability of just 0.030 mm. Whether you’re scanning for engineering, inspection, or other specialized applications, the TrackScan-P42 delivers a winning combination of speed, accuracy, and convenience.

Artec Ray II

A Revolution in Long-Range, High-Precision 3D Scanning

The Ray II Laser 3D Scanner is not just a device; it’s a game-changer in the realm of large-scale, high-precision scanning. With its wireless functionality and lightweight architecture, this scanner offers unmatched portability and flexibility, effortlessly capturing objects up to 130 meters away. It delivers professional-grade 3D point and angular accuracy, setting new standards in the industry. Specializing in detail-rich scanning of large objects—such as wind turbines, airplanes, and archaeological landmarks—the Ray II is ideal for a multitude of applications, including reverse engineering, inspection, and creating digital twins.

This advanced scanner not only boasts incredible hardware but also provides seamless software integration. It pairs effortlessly with Artec Studio software, enabling users to merge data from handheld Artec Leo scanners for even more comprehensive results. Its sub-millimeter precision ensures you capture every detail, while its unprecedented speed allows for a full-dome capture in just 1.7 minutes. Experience 3D point accuracy of 1.9 mm from 10 meters and never miss any detail with a resolution of 3 mm at similar distances. All of these capabilities can be easily managed through the Artec Remote App, putting unparalleled scanning efficiency right at your fingertips.


Scantech Axe-B11

All-in-One Solution for Large-Scale 3D Scanning

The AXE-B11 3D Scanner revolutionizes large-scale 3D measurement by eliminating the need for additional devices. Equipped with 11 crossed blue lasers, the scanner offers an impressive measurement rate of 1.3 million measurements per second. When intricate details or hard-to-reach areas like deep holes are involved, a single blue laser line comes into play, capturing data swiftly and accurately. This integrated system not only streamlines the scanning process but also significantly amplifies efficiency, saving valuable time and labor costs. With a substantial scan area of 550 mm × 600 mm, the AXE-B11 minimizes the need for extra markers, further simplifying the workflow.


Unmatched Accuracy and Versatility in Scanning Modes

What truly distinguishes the AXE-B11 is its built-in photogrammetry system, which elevates volumetric accuracy to an unparalleled 0.020 mm/m, and offers a pinpoint accuracy of up to 0.020 mm. This ISO 17025 certified device is designed to meet the highest standards of professional 3D scanning, all without requiring any additional equipment. Its double scanning mode, featuring 11 crossed lasers for high-efficiency scanning and an extra blue laser line for specialized tasks like inspecting deep holes and blind spots, provides an adaptable and thorough scanning solution for diverse applications.


Scantech SIMSCAN 42

Compact Versatility with Precision Scanning

Meet SIMSCAN, a groundbreaking device in the 3D optical metrology industry and the only hand-sized 3D scanner on the market. Its full-metal housing provides robust protection and remarkable durability, making it a long-lasting investment. Weighing in at just 570 grams and sized at 203 × 80 × 44 mm, SIMSCAN revolutionizes ease-of-use with its one-handed operation capability. Whether you need to scan in narrow spaces or under large objects, its short camera distance of 130 mm and steeper view angle make capturing accurate data in hard-to-reach areas like deep grooves a breeze. To further enhance user convenience, SIMSCAN comes with multifunctional buttons for quick mode-switching and an anti-slip housing and strap, ensuring safe scanning from any angle.

A Seamless and Efficient 3D Scanning Experience

Don’t let its size fool you—SIMSCAN is an unparalleled powerhouse in capturing detail. Thanks to its built-in HD cameras and three scanning modes, it achieves high-precision scanning with an accuracy of up to 0.020 mm and a data collection rate of 2.8 million measurements per second. For businesses seeking automated solutions, SIMSCAN integrates effortlessly with Scantech’s automated 3D measurement system, significantly enhancing efficiency across manufacturing stages. Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your palm, this compact scanner is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. With wireless capabilities via the AirGo Pro communication link, SIMSCAN offers a truly flexible, reliable, and effective 3D scanning experience.



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