Metrology & 3D Inspection

Metrology & 3D Inspection

Precision Metrology & 3D Inspection: Accuracy and Detail in Every Measure

Leveraging advanced 3D scanning and touch-probe technologies, we offer comprehensive part analysis including General Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). Our process captures millions of data points for detailed inspections and dimensional analysis, ensuring quality assurance. We provide standard STL or point cloud outputs, 3D color mapping, general dimensional inspection, and advanced GD&T with customized reporting, guaranteeing that your parts precisely match their intended design

  • Detailed Product and Tool Inspections
  • Advanced Analysis for Performance (e.g., FEA, CFD, Kinematic Modeling)
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Diagnosis
  • On-Site Available

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The Art & Science of Metrology & 3D Inspection

3D inspection is not just about capturing dimensions. It’s about capturing a moment in time as much as measurement. It’s about understanding the essence of a design and preserving it with utmost accuracy. Our process embraces advanced metrology techniques, ensuring data is both reliable and actionable. From complex aerospace components to delicate artifacts, we cater to many industries, always with the same promise: precision.

Comprehensive Metrology Solutions:

  • Component Analysis: Thoroughly examine components for wear and tear or deviations from original specifications.
  • Quality Control: Benchmark against original CAD designs or industry standards to guarantee premium product quality.
  • Assembly Investigations: Ensure various parts fit and work together as intended.
  • Documentation: Detailed reports capturing every minuscule deviation and dimension, aiding in data-driven decisions.
  • Historical Artifact Documentation: Using non-invasive techniques to preserve and document artifacts with historical significance.
  • First Article Inspection: Validate the initial product against design specs to set the standard for subsequent manufacturing.

Advanced Metrology Tools at Work

Witness the synergy of state-of-the-art equipment and seasoned expertise. Our metrology arsenal ranges from coordinate measuring machines (CMM) to laser scanners, all operated by trained professionals, ensuring data integrity.

FARO Arm at Work for Metrology and 3D Inspection

Precision in Every Sector

Our Metrology and 3D Inspection services have left an indelible mark across various industries. Be it automotive excellence, architectural precision, aerospace advancements, or artistic preservation, we’ve made our mark with unparalleled precision.


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  • Component Details: Share insights into the parts or artifacts you wish to inspect.
  • Precision Requirements: Detail the level of detail and accuracy you’re targeting.

In the realm of Metrology and 3D Inspection, Digitize Designs stands as a beacon of excellence.

With a blend of technology and expertise, we promise more than just measurements – we deliver insights. At Digitize Designs, our commitment goes beyond mere service – we aim to set your creativity free. Let us handle the technicalities. Together, let's elevate your ideas beyond the confines of the scree and redefine speed, precision, and performance for you.

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