AESUB is the maker of a range of revolutionary scanning sprays designed to increase efficiency and productivity within the digitizing process. AESUB offers a range of 3D scanning sprays available in an aerosol individual can format and bulk delivery platforms (e.g. spray gun, bulk airbrush system). Developed for engineers, by engineers, AESUB sprays improve the accuracy and efficiency of 3D scanning and are a no-brainer when it comes to “must-haves” that make for a professional and painless process.

Most AESUB 3D scanning sprays are self-vanishing and self-cleaning. All are safe (TiO2-free) and make on-site 3D scanning of any surface possible without the risk of contamination because the vanishing compound is pigment-free. AESUB also offers a permanent 3D scanning spray containing pigments, propellant, and solvent carefully formulated for material compatibility.


  • Designed for accuracy
  • Even scanning surface
  • No mess formula with no clean-up
  • Free of pigments & titanium dioxide (TiO2)
  • Thin & homogeneous coating ranging between .05 to 20µm
  • Targets still adhesive even when sprayed
  • Available in aerosol, spray guns & bulk airbrush format


Our adhesive and magnetic reference targets give you an accurate 3D scan even with part movements and vibrations. We provide an array of sizes for ultimate flexibility and compatibility with any scanner requirements.


  • Provides the freedom to move the scanner or parts without affecting accuracy
  • Gives you confidence in trickier scanning environments
  • Explore our Scantech targets for a convenient magnetic target option