AESUB Target Net

AESUB Target Net

The AESUB Target Net is your go-to solution for a quick, accurate method of applying retroreflective reference points to medium-to-large-scale components for 3D scanning. Its precision and reliability will give you the confidence you need in your scanning process.

The AESUB Target Net’s design is a testament to convenience. It can be swiftly deployed by simply ‘throwing’ it over the object. This unique feature ensures the dots stay in place throughout the scanning process, eliminating the need for removal. This not only enhances scanning efficiency but also boosts accuracy, making it a user-friendly choice for 3D scanning professionals.

  • Retroreflective markers designed for easy application on medium to large components
  • Each marker point base features a magnet
  • No need to remove the markers after application
  • Reusable and durable
  • Ideal for use with all vanishing AESUB 3D scanning sprays


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The AESUB Target Net Is Designed For Enhancing The Efficiency And Accuracy Of 3D Scanning Processes

The AESUB Target Net represents a significant leap forward in 3D scanning technology. It is designed specifically to address the challenges of applying retroreflective reference points to medium-sized to large objects, significantly improving the efficiency of the scanning process. This net, measuring 1.5 x 2.5 meters, is pre-assembled with reference points that have a diameter of 6 mm. Each point is backed with a magnet to adhere firmly to the surface during scanning. The dots are mounted on a black mesh, optimizing visibility and contrast for scanning devices.

Magnetic Precision: Streamlining 3D Scanning with the AESUB Target Net

This system is ingeniously simple yet profoundly effective. By leveraging the magnetic attraction, the net ensures that each point remains securely positioned throughout the scanning process, regardless of the component’s surface material or orientation. This feature not only enhances precision but also eliminates the need for time-consuming manual placement and subsequent removal of points, thereby significantly streamlining the workflow. With the AESUB Target Net, you can say goodbye to tedious tasks and focus on what really matters.

AESUB target net

Versatile and Sustainable: The Reusable AESUB Target Net for Efficient 3D Scanning

The AESUB Target Net is designed for reusability, offering a time-saving, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective solution. It is compatible with all vanishing AESUB sprays, making it suitable for various scanning applications, from automotive components to industrial machinery and more.


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Why Choose AESUB Target Net?


Efficiency in Application

The AESUB Target Net revolutionizes the setup process for 3D scanning projects, slashing the time required by enabling swift and precise placement of retroreflective reference points on medium to large components. Its ingenious net design allows for immediate application by simply “throwing” it over the object, ensuring an even distribution of points without the manual effort traditionally required. This feature accelerates the scanning process, making it significantly faster and more efficient, empowering you to accomplish more in less time.


Reusability and Sustainability

With the AESUB Target Net, sustainability is at the forefront. This reusable system eliminates the need for single-use reference points, reducing waste and ongoing costs associated with disposable markers. By choosing the AESUB Target Net, you’re making an environmentally friendly choice that also offers long-term economic benefits, making you a responsible and conscious contributor to a greener future.


Versatility and Compatibility

The AESUB Target Net is a true chameleon, compatible with all AESUB vanishing sprays, enhancing its utility across various 3D scanning applications. Whether scanning automotive components, industrial machinery, or other medium-to-large objects, this net adapts seamlessly to different surfaces and materials. The inclusion of magnets in each reference point ensures they stay in place on various surfaces, further underscoring the net’s versatility and suitability for diverse scanning needs, giving you the confidence that it can handle any challenge you throw at it.


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