AESUB Green Spray Gun


AESUB Green Spray Gun

The AESUB Green Spray Gun is a specialized tool designed to work seamlessly with AESUB green vanishing scanning liquid, offering precise and uniform coverage for large objects.

Featuring an easy-to-fill gravity cup, advanced needle packaging akin to automatic guns, and innovative spray control for automizing air adjustment, it ensures a fine, homogeneous surface ideal for large-scale scans. Equipped with premium air caps for optimized air distribution, a 1/4” adapter, and air control, the AESUB Green Spray Gun simplifies the application process.

  • Perfect for the vanishing scanning liquid AESUB green
  • For fast and accurate scanning pray coverage of large objects
  • Premium air caps with optimized air distribution


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AESUB Green Spray Gun: Precision Scanning Simplified

The AESUB Green Spray Gun enhances 3D scanning processes with its precision-engineered design tailored for AESUB green scanning liquid. It ensures fast, accurate spray coverage over large objects, featuring an easy-fill gravity cup, advanced needle packaging, and customizable spray controls. Optimized for creating a fine, homogeneous surface, this tool is crucial for achieving detailed large-scale scans efficiently. Simple to use—fill, adjust, and spray—it streamlines scanning workflows, making it a must-have for professionals seeking excellence in their scanning projects.

Precision Crafted for Scanning Excellence

The AESUB Green Spray Gun represents the culmination of advanced engineering and a deep understanding of the needs of the 3D scanning industry. Manufactured by leaders in scanning technology, this spray gun is specifically designed to work in tandem with AESUB green, the vanishing scanning liquid favored by professionals. Its development was guided by a commitment to precision, efficiency, and user-friendly operation. With features like an easy-to-fill gravity cup and innovative spray control mechanisms, the AESUB Green Spray Gun exemplifies the manufacturer’s dedication to providing tools that significantly enhance the scanning process, ensuring exceptional results for large-scale projects.

Innovating for User Satisfaction and Efficiency

Driven by innovation and a relentless pursuit of user satisfaction, the AESUB Green Spray Gun incorporates features that set it apart in the field of 3D scanning. The inclusion of premium air caps for optimized air distribution and the flexibility to adjust both the spray flow and shape demonstrate the manufacturer’s attention to detail and commitment to versatility. This spray gun is not just a tool but a solution designed to meet the specific challenges of scanning large objects, offering a streamlined workflow from spray to scan. The manufacturer’s focus on creating a product that delivers both in terms of quality and efficiency reflects a deep understanding of their users’ needs and a forward-thinking approach to product development.


Unlock superior scanning precision with the AESUB Green Spray Gun.
Revolutionize your 3D scanning projects with unparalleled efficiency.

Why Choose AESUB Green Spray Gun?


Precision Coverage for Large Objects

The AESUB Green Spray Gun is engineered for exact, uniform application of the vanishing AESUB green scanning liquid, ensuring optimal coverage for large-scale scanning projects. Its design facilitates a fine, homogeneous surface, crucial for capturing detailed scans.


Advanced Control and Customization

Featuring innovative spray control with automizing air adjustment and premium air caps for optimized air distribution, the spray gun allows for precise control over spray flow and shape. This customization ensures that users can adapt the tool to their specific scanning needs, enhancing the quality of the output.


Ease of Use and Efficiency

With an easy-to-fill gravity cup and straightforward adjustments for spray flow and shape, the AESUB Green Spray Gun is designed for convenience and efficiency. It streamlines the scanning preparation process, saving time and reducing the effort required to achieve professional-grade results.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The AESUB Green Spray Gun is engineered specifically for seamless compatibility with AESUB Green, offering precision and ease in applications that require a temporary scanning coating.

It delivers a fine, even mist of AESUB Green, ensuring consistent coverage that enhances scan quality and evaporates without trace, streamlining the workflow.

While it’s optimized for AESUB Green, it may be suitable for similar viscosity products. However, best performance is achieved with AESUB Green, as they are designed to work together.

The Spray Gun provides more control and efficient use of the spray, reducing waste and eliminating the need for cleanup, unlike traditional aerosol cans.

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