AESUB Green Spray Gun

AESUB Green Spray Gun

The AESUB Green Spray Gun is a specialized tool designed to work seamlessly with AESUB Green Vanishing 3D Scanning Spray. It offers precise and uniform coverage for large objects.

Featuring an easy-to-fill gravity cup, advanced needle packaging akin to automatic guns, and innovative spray control for automizing air adjustment, the AESUB Green Spray Gun ensures a fine, homogeneous surface ideal for large-scale scans. Equipped with premium air caps for optimized air distribution, a 1/4” adapter, and air control, this versatile tool simplifies the application process for a wide range of scanning tasks.

  • Specifically designed for use with AESUB Green Vanishing 3D Liquid Scanning Spray
  • Fast and precise scanning spray coverage of large objects
  • Premium air caps with optimized air distribution


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AESUB Green Spray Gun: Precision Scanning Simplified

Step into the future of 3D scanning with the AESUB Green Spray Gun. Crafted for precision and designed for the AESUB Green Vanishing 3D Scanning Spray, this tool transforms your scanning process. Achieve fast, accurate spray coverage on large objects with ease. The easy-fill gravity cup, advanced needle packaging, and customizable spray controls ensure a fine, homogeneous surface every time. Simple to use—fill, adjust, and spray—it’s the game-changer professionals need for excellence in every scan. This isn’t just a tool; it’s a revolution in efficiency and detail.

Precision Crafted for Scanning Excellence

The AESUB Green Spray Gun epitomizes advanced engineering and a profound understanding of the 3D scanning industry’s needs. Crafted by leaders in scanning technology, this spray gun is specifically designed for use with AESUB Green Vanishing 3D Scanning Spray, the preferred vanishing scanning liquid among professionals. Its development reflects a commitment to precision, efficiency, and user-friendly operation. Featuring an easy-to-fill gravity cup and innovative spray control mechanisms, the AESUB Green Spray Gun showcases the manufacturer’s dedication to enhancing the scanning process, delivering exceptional results for large-scale projects.

Innovating for User Satisfaction and Efficiency

Driven by relentless innovation and a deep commitment to user satisfaction, the AESUB Green Spray Gun redefines 3D scanning. Featuring premium air caps for optimized air distribution and adjustable spray flow and shape, it showcases unmatched attention to detail and versatility. This spray gun isn’t just a tool; it’s a transformative solution for the challenges of scanning large objects. From spray to scan, it streamlines your workflow, embodying quality and efficiency. The manufacturer’s dedication to understanding and meeting user needs is evident in every aspect of its design, making the AESUB Green Spray Gun a forward-thinking choice for professionals.


Unlock superior scanning precision with the AESUB Green Spray Gun.
Revolutionize your 3D scanning projects with unparalleled efficiency.

Why Choose AESUB Green Spray Gun?


Precision Coverage for Large Objects

The AESUB Green Spray Gun is your go-to tool for the exact, uniform application of AESUB Green vanishing scanning liquid. It is engineered to deliver optimal coverage for large-scale scanning projects and ensures a fine, homogeneous surface—crucial for capturing detailed scans.


Advanced Control and Customization

Experience the power of precision with innovative spray control features, including automizing air adjustment and premium air caps for optimized air distribution. Tailor the spray flow and shape to meet your specific scanning needs, enhancing the quality of your output and giving you complete control over every project.


Ease of Use and Efficiency

Designed with convenience in mind, the AESUB Green Spray Gun features an easy-to-fill gravity cup and straightforward adjustments for spray flow and shape. With this user-friendly tool, you can streamline your scanning preparation process, save time, and effortlessly achieve professional-grade results.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The AESUB Green Spray Gun is meticulously engineered for seamless compatibility with AESUB Green Vanishing 3D Scanning Spray, ensuring precision and ease in applications that demand a temporary scanning coating.

Delivering a fine, even mist of AESUB Green, it guarantees consistent coverage, elevating scan quality, and evaporating without a trace, thus streamlining the workflow.

While optimized for AESUB Green Vanishing 3D Scanning Spray, it may also prove suitable for similar viscosity products. However, peak performance is attained when paired with AESUB Green, as they are intricately designed to complement each other.

The Spray Gun offers enhanced control and efficiency in spray usage, minimizing waste and eliminating the necessity for cleanup, in stark contrast to traditional aerosol cans.

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