AESUB White Permanent 3D Scanning Spray

AESUB White Permanent 3D Scanning Spray

AESUB White, the only permanent 3D scanning spray by AESUB, is now available in a 400ml aerosol format.

Unlike traditional permanent sprays like spray paint, AESUB White is unique—a powder-based coating that doesn’t evaporate or sublimate yet can be easily rinsed off.

  • Non-Evaporative, Washable: Stays on the surface until rinsed, offering flexibility and convenience.
  • Material Compatibility: Designed to be safe and effective on various materials.
  • Optimized Scanning: Provides even surface scanning with a minimal coating thickness of about 7µm.
  • TiO2-Free Composition: Contains pigments, propellant, and solvent, free from Titanium Dioxide.
  • Adhesive Targets Compatible: Ensures adhesive targets stick effectively.
  • Alternative to Industry Standards: An excellent substitute for established products like Magnaflux Developer Spray and Helling 3D Spray.


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AESUB White: Precision Meets Permanence

AESUB White stands out as the exclusive permanent 3D scanning spray for professionals. Its 400ml aerosol application ensures detailed coverage on all surfaces with a fine 7µm matting layer, perfect for capturing high-contrast scans. Free of TiO2 and designed for diverse materials, AESUB White is the go-to permanent spray for accurate, efficient 3D scanning across multiple industries. This innovative product, unlike its competitors, uses a powder-based coating that doesn’t evaporate or sublimate yet can be easily rinsed off.

Optimal Contrast with AESUB White Permanent Spray

AESUB White is the singular permanent solution in AESUB’s range for 3D scanning sprays. This specialty formula is provided in a 400ml aerosol can and is capable of covering a diverse measurement range, from small details to large areas. Ideal for professional-grade 3D scanning, it applies a uniform, thin matting layer to enhance optical contrast. With its composition fine-tuned for compatibility with various materials, AESUB White streamlines the scanning process by minimizing layer thickness and ensuring surface uniformity.

Designed for Professional Precision

For applications that demand unwavering accuracy and durability, AESUB White excels by providing a consistent ~7µm layer that adheres to any surface, whether reflective, textured, or clear. Devoid of Titanium Dioxide to meet safety standards, it stands as AESUB’s only permanent coating, ensuring long-term scanning effectiveness. Tailored for sectors demanding the highest precision, such as automotive, aerospace, and engineering, AESUB White combines performance with the practicality of portability.


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Why Choose AESUB White 3D Scanning Spray?


Permanent Application

AESUB White is designed as a permanent coating, ideal for long-term projects where the scanning spray’s durability is paramount. Its lasting application ensures scans remain consistent and do not require repeated application, saving both time and resources.


Ultra-Thin Layering

With a fine layer thickness of approximately 7µm, AESUB White achieves high-resolution scans without altering the fine details of the scanned objects. This precision layering is essential for capturing the intricate textures and contours critical to engineering, automotive, and aerospace applications.


Material Compatibility

The formulation of AESUB White includes pigments, propellant, and solvent that have been specifically chosen for their compatibility with a wide range of materials. This ensures that the spray can be used on diverse surfaces, including reflective, textured, or transparent, without adverse reactions or alterations to the material’s integrity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AESUB White is explicitly developed for scanning in environments with UV light. The spray protects the coated object from UV radiation during scanning.

Similar to AESUB Orange, AESUB White must be manually removed after scanning.

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