AESUBdots Retro Infinity

AESUBdots Retro Infinity

Introducing AESUBdots Retro Infinity, the perfect retroreflective reference targets for laser light scanners.

Designed for effortless use, AESUBdots Retro Infinity targets are coiled on a roll for quick application and removal. With a random pattern of retroreflective targets on transparent tape, they ensure optimal scanning precision. Compatible with all vanishing AESUB sprays, these 6mm diameter targets cater to various scanning needs, making them a must-have for accurate and efficient laser scanning applications.

  • Easy Application and Removal
  • Versatile Compatibility
  • Precision Targeting


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AESUBdots Retro Infinity

AESUBdots Retro Infinity offers high-precision retroreflective reference targets explicitly designed for laser light scanners. This target, available in 6mm diameter, is coiled on a roll for easy application and removal. Featuring a meticulously designed random pattern on clear tape, they provide reliable and precise reference points. Compatible with all vanishing AESUB sprays, AESUBdots Retro Infinity enhances scanning accuracy and efficiency, making them an essential tool for diverse scanning applications.

Innovative Design and Efficiency

AESUB, a leader in advanced scanning solutions, is excited to introduce AESUBdots Retro Infinity, a cutting-edge product designed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of laser light scanning. AESUBdots are developed with a strong focus on user-friendliness, featuring a clear tape with retroreflective targets arranged in a random pattern. This innovative design allows for quick and precise application and removal, ensuring a seamless scanning process. The product’s compatibility with all vanishing AESUB sprays further highlights its versatility, making it a hassle-free solution for various industrial and research applications.

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Commitment to Quality and Performance

AESUB is dedicated to providing top-tier products that meet the highest quality and performance standards. AESUBdots Retro Infinity is a prime example of this commitment, offering robust and reliable reference targets. These targets, available in a 6mm diameter, cater to various scanning requirements, ensuring precise and dependable results every time. AESUB’s continuous innovation and product improvement, which are key to its reputation as a trusted provider of superior scanning solutions, are always at the forefront.

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Perfect Your Scans with Precision: Get Your AESUBdots Now! Ensure each scan is flawless with AESUBdots Retro Infinity. Order yours today and take the first step towards impeccable accuracy!

Why Choose AESUBdots Retro Infinity?


Superior Ease of Use

AESUBdots Retro Infinity, coiled on a roll for quick and easy application and removal, is designed to save you valuable setup time. This efficiency boost enhances your operational productivity, making it the perfect choice for professionals who value convenience without compromising on performance.


Versatile Compatibility

These retroreflective targets are fully compatible with all vanishing AESUB sprays, providing flexibility across various scanning conditions. This compatibility ensures seamless integration into existing workflows, making AESUBdots a versatile tool for a wide range of scanning applications.


Precision and Reliability

With a 6mm diameter and a random pattern on transparent tape, AESUBdots Retro Infinity provides precise and reliable reference points for laser light scanners. This precision is the key to achieving accurate and consistent scanning results, instilling confidence in the quality of your data capture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AESUBdots Retro Infinity are retroreflective reference targets designed for use with laser light scanners. They help in digitizing three-dimensional objects by providing precise reference points during the scanning process.

These dots are provided on a roll with a tear perforation every 20-30 cm, making them easy to apply and remove. They are ideal for use with all vanishing AESUB scanning sprays and are placed in a random pattern on transparent tape.

AESUBdots Retro Infinity are available with an inner diameter of 6mm, allowing for flexibility depending on the precision required for specific scanning projects.

While AESUB offers some reusable scanning reference points like AESUB target nets, the AESUBdots Retro Infinity are typically designed for single use, focusing on easy and quick removal after scanning.

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