Artec Ray II

Lightning-fast long-range 3D scanner
for professional captures with high accuracy

Capture large to massive objects, scenes, or areas with utmost precision and speed using the wireless Ray II laser 3D scanner. With its high accuracy and long-range capabilities, you can effortlessly scan objects up to 130 meters away. Experience professional-grade 3D point accuracy that surpasses industry standards, along with exceptional angular accuracy.

Designed specifically for capturing precise details of colossal objects such as wind turbines, ship propellers, airplanes, bridges, factory floors, forensic scenes, or archaeological sites, this LiDAR solution is perfect for various applications including reverse engineering, inspection, creating lifelike digital twins, documenting crime scenes, and assessing changes in civil infrastructure over time, especially due to its capability to merge data from handheld Artec Leo in Artec Studio software.  

Thanks to its lightweight and portable design, the wireless Ray II scanner can be easily transported to any location you require. Capture vehicles within minutes, while aircraft and full-sized buildings can be scanned in just a few hours, making it incredibly convenient and efficient.

Ray 2 3d Scanner


Ideal for reverse engineering, inspection and construction. Great for scanning large vehicles such as airplanes, boats, earth moving equipment, cars, etc.

Ultra-high precision

Sub-millimeter precision to ensure you capture every detail


Cleanest 3D data capture for minimum post-processing time

Capture a full dome at highest resolution in 1.7 mins.
Expect data with an uncompromised 3D point accuracy of 1.9 mm from 10 meters.
No details missed at a resolution of 3 mm at 10 meters.
Control your scanner easily and from a distance with the Artec Remote App.

Metrology-grade precision

Artec Ray II scans with high 3D point accuracy and best-in-class angular accuracy.

3D point accuracy @10m1.9 mm
3D point accuracy @20m2.9 mm
3D point accuracy @40m5.3 mm
Angular accuracy0.87 mm @10m (or 18”)
Range accuracy1.0 mm + 10 ppm
Range noise0.4 mm @ 10m - 0.5mm @ 20m
If your device is not calibrated, it will either self-calibrate by scanning the surroundings or prompt you for further action.
Scan with full confidence knowing that your scanner has been verified to fall within specifications.
Your scanner has been rigorously tested and is guaranteed to conform to the required list of 11 European safety standards.
Ray II’s smart auto-removal of moving objects that may enter or exit the scene keeps all captured data focused on exactly what you need.

Fast & Easy

Artec Ray II captures data at a remarkable 2 million pts/s.

Resolution3 mm6 mm12 mm
Without texture1.7 min0.85 min0.4 min
With texture2.7 min1.9 min1.4 min



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