FARO Orbis™ Scanner

FARO Orbis™ Scanner

The FARO® Orbis™ Scanner is a cutting-edge mobile laser scanner that revolutionizes 3D data capture for construction, engineering, and surveying professionals.

Integrating FARO FLASH technology™ and GeoSLAM’s leading SLAM algorithm, Orbis offers a unique hybrid mobile and stationary scanning capability, delivering rapid capture speeds and high-precision 3D visual representations. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, its lightweight build and high accuracy make it versatile across various environments. Orbis enhances productivity, reduces human error, and streamlines workflows, offering a comprehensive solution for modern scanning challenges.

  • Hybrid Scanning
  • High Precision
  • Versatile Use

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FARO® Orbis™ Scanner: Revolutionizing Precision Mapping

The FARO® Orbis™ Scanner is a groundbreaking mobile laser scanning solution, designed to elevate the efficiency and accuracy of data capture in construction, engineering, and surveying. Featuring advanced FARO FLASH technology™ and the world-leading GeoSLAM SLAM algorithm, it offers unparalleled hybrid scanning capabilities. With its ability to deliver rapid, high-precision 3D representations of physical spaces, both indoors and outdoors, the Orbis Scanner is the ultimate tool for professionals seeking to transform their project workflows and achieve superior results with ease.

Pioneering Precision with FARO

FARO is at the forefront of 3D measurement, imaging, and realization technology, and the FARO Orbis™ Scanner is a testament to their innovation and leadership in the field. Built on decades of engineering expertise, FARO has developed the Orbis™ with integrated FLASH technology™, showcasing their commitment to advancing scanning capabilities. This technology ensures that users can capture detailed, accurate data faster than ever before, redefining efficiency in the industry. FARO’s dedication to quality and precision is evident in every aspect of the Orbis™ design, providing professionals with a tool that is not just powerful but also reliable for any project.

Orbis Oustide Building Application

Harnessing the Power of GeoSLAM Geospatial Technology’s SLAM Algorithm

The integration of GeoSLAM’s proprietary SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithm within the FARO Orbis™ Scanner marks a significant collaboration between two leaders in the scanning industry. This partnership brings together the best of mobility and accuracy, enabling the Orbis™ to navigate and map environments in real-time with exceptional detail and precision. GeoSLAM’s SLAM algorithm has been refined over years of research and real-world applications, ensuring that the Orbis™ can perform in even the most challenging environments. This collaboration underscores a shared vision for innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in 3D scanning technology.

Orbis Oustide Building Application

Committed to Customer Success

FARO’s commitment extends beyond the manufacturing of cutting-edge tools; they are dedicated to ensuring their customers achieve success in their projects. The FARO Orbis™ Scanner comes with a one-year warranty, reflecting confidence in its build quality and performance. Additionally, FARO offers affordable extended service plans, providing customers with peace of mind and support when they need it most. This customer-focused approach is part of FARO’s ethos, aiming to not only supply the industry with superior scanning solutions but also to partner with professionals in overcoming challenges and achieving their goals.

Orbis Mobile Scanner

Experience the cutting-edge FARO Orbis™ Scanner in action and revolutionize your approach to 3D data capture.

Discover firsthand how its hybrid scanning technology and unmatched precision can transform your projects. Book a live demo today and step into the future of scanning excellence with FARO Orbis™.

Why Choose FARO Orbis™ Scanner?


Hybrid Scanning Capabilities

The FARO Orbis™ Scanner offers an innovative blend of mobile and stationary scanning with FLASH technology, allowing for rapid capture of detailed 3D data in a variety of environments. This hybrid approach ensures comprehensive coverage and high-quality datasets, making it versatile for both indoor and outdoor projects.


Exceptional Precision and Speed

Equipped with GeoSLAM’s leading SLAM algorithm, the Orbis™ delivers high levels of accuracy (up to 2mm in stationary mode) at speeds significantly faster than traditional surveying methods. This combination of speed and precision enhances productivity, reduces project timelines, and minimizes human error.


User-friendly and Versatile for Various Applications

Designed for simplicity, the FARO Orbis™ Scanner is as easy to use as pushing a button and walking. Its lightweight design and adaptability for both internal and external mapping make it ideal for professionals in construction, engineering, and surveying, facilitating data capture in previously inaccessible areas.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The FARO Orbis™ Mobile Laser Scanner is a unique, all-in-one mobile scanning solution designed to enhance productivity and optimize workflows. It integrates both mobile and stationary scanning capabilities, utilizing FARO’s FLASH technology for high-quality data capture. It’s ideal for professionals in construction, engineering, and surveying​​.

FARO Orbis™ is the first hybrid SLAM scanner that can perform both mobile and stationary data capture within a single device. It offers advanced data processing and collaboration capabilities, either locally or cloud-based, making it a pioneering solution in SLAM-enabled LiDAR technology​​.

The FARO Orbis™ can capture spatial data up to ten times faster than traditional laser scanning methods. Its mobile scanning technology allows for rapid and accurate data acquisition, significantly speeding up project timelines and enhancing efficiency​​.

Yes, the FARO Orbis™ is versatile and can be used across various industries, including geospatial, architecture, operations & maintenance, public safety, and mining. Its ability to capture detailed and accurate scans makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of applications​​.

FARO’s Flash Technology is integral to the Orbis™ scanner, enabling it to perform stationary scans in just 15 seconds while providing exceptional detail and accuracy. This technology enhances the scanner’s capability to capture complex details and improves the overall quality of the data collected​​.

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