One of the furniture collections Rooms To Go has digitized with Artec 3D scanning. Image courtesy of Rooms To Go

Case Study: Transforming Interior Design with 3D Scanning Technology

June 21, 2024

Interior Design with Digital Twins: The Future of Home Furnishing

At Digitize Designs, we are thrilled to share a groundbreaking case study showcasing how Rooms To Go is revolutionizing the home furnishing industry with Artec Leo 3D scanners.

Challenge Accepted

Designing your ideal living space sounds fun, right? But as any DIY enthusiast will tell you, interior design is no walk in the park. Exact measurements are essential, and unlike most online retail, furniture often needs to be judged in-person for texture, comfort, and style. Rooms To Go aimed to overcome these challenges by creating digital furniture models so realistic they can be used by interior decorators to virtually weigh up decor, achieve the perfect look and feel, and realize their creative visions.

The Innovative Solution

Rooms To Go turned to Artec Leo, Artec Studio, and Autodesk 3ds Max. These tools allow them to build a growing, thousands-strong catalog of true-to-life digital furniture sets. The Artec Leo, with its unique portability and wireless design, captures medium-sized objects in minutes, even those with tricky shiny or fluffy surfaces. This capability has been crucial in creating a realistic digital inventory that helps customers visualize interior spaces, ensure furniture fits, and experiment with decor styles before committing to a purchase.

Results that Speak Volumes

Rooms To Go’s catalog now boasts thousands of stunningly realistic 3D models, captured entirely with the Artec Leo. These models bring a fresh perspective to customers, enabling them to visualize their dream homes accurately. The ability to preview interior designs with realistic furniture models not only enhances customer experience but also significantly reduces project lead times.

Why Artec Leo?

The Artec Leo scans medium-sized objects with an accuracy of 0.1mm and a speed of up to 35 million pts/s. Its wireless, portable design allows it to be taken to photoshoots for on-demand digitization. This flexibility has been a game-changer for Rooms To Go, enabling them to capture intricate details of furniture items with challenging surfaces.

Discover the Full Story

Want to delve deeper into how Rooms To Go is leveraging 3D scanning to revolutionize interior design? Check out the full case study on Artec 3D’s website.

📖 Read the Full Case Study

At Digitize Designs, we’re proud to support such innovative applications of 3D scanning technology. Stay tuned for more exciting stories and case studies showcasing the future of design and engineering.

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