Scantech SIMSCAN 42

Scantech SIMSCAN 42

The Scantech SIMSCAN is a palm-sized, portable 3D scanner specifically engineered for scanning tight and challenging-to-reach areas.

Its full-metal housing ensures exceptional durability, and its compact design, coupled with robust performance, makes it a disruptive innovation in the realm of professional 3D scanners.

  • Single-handed control
  • Ultra portable
  • Narrow-space Measuring Booster
  • Aesthetic design

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Single-handed Control, Ultra Portable

Scantech SIMSCAN, the only hand-sized 3D scanner in the market so far, is a disruptive innovation of the traditional 3D scanners’ structure and a revolutionary product in 3D optical metrology industry.

Single-handed Control

The Scantech SIMSCAN portable 3D scanner boasts a full-metal housing that offers exceptional protection and durability. With a weight of only 570 g and dimensions of 203 × 80 × 44 mm, it provides unparalleled ease of use, allowing for effortless one-handed scanning of any object.

Because of its hollow structure, it dissipates heat more effectively. The 3D scanner is efficient at performing measurements with low power consumption. Thanks to its versatility, it can meet a wide range of needs of 3D measurements.

Narrow-space Measuring Booster

Compared with its competitors, Scantech SIMSCAN has a much shorter camera distance of 130 mm, which forms a steeper view angle to 3D scan narrow spaces. Therefore, SIMSCAN is more capable of capturing accurate and complete data in hard-to-reach areas like deep grooves and ensures users to capture full-field data.


Remarkable Portability

Scantech SIMSCAN boasts a compact size and excellent portability. No matter in narrow spaces or under huge objects, Scantech SIMSCAN portable 3D scanner can conduct 3D measurements anywhere and anytime. When paired with wireless communication link AirGo Pro, it supports mobile 3D scanning and data viewing for truly flexible, reliable, and effective measurement experiences.

With its multifunctional buttons, users can switch between different modes at any time. Its single-handed operation allows flexible measuring and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use. Designed with an anti-slip housing and a strap, it is safe for users to scan in all directions freely.


Efficiency and Precision with Scantech SIMSCAN

Scantech SIMSCAN, a palm-sized portable 3D scanner, is revolutionizing 3D scanning in hard-to-reach areas. Its full-metal housing ensures robustness, and it has won prestigious design awards for its compact size and performance. This metrology-grade 3D scanner offers a high-quality scanning experience in narrow spaces and large-scale applications, delivering detailed 3D models rapidly. With a scanning rate of up to 2.8 million measurements per second and compatibility with automated 3D measurement systems, Scantech SIMSCAN guarantees efficiency and precision in every scan, making it an invaluable tool for a wide range of industries.


See for yourself the remarkable capabilities of the Scantech SIMSCAN 42 with a live demo.

Unlock the potential of 3D scanning in hard-to-reach areas with the Scantech SIMSCAN 42. Witness its precision and efficiency firsthand with a live demo. Schedule yours now!

Why Choose The Scantech SIMSCAN 42?

Handheld 3D scanners have become indispensable tools for professionals across various industries, and for a good reason. They offer unparalleled flexibility and freedom of movement, allowing you to effortlessly capture intricate details, complex geometries, and challenging surfaces. Here’s why our handheld 3D scanners are the preferred choice for professionals:


Compact and Versatile

Scantech SIMSCAN 42’s palm-sized design allows it to access narrow and hard-to-reach areas with ease, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. Its full-metal housing ensures durability and reliability, and its compact size doesn’t compromise on performance.


High-Speed Scanning

With a scanning rate of up to 2.8 million measurements per second, Scantech SIMSCAN 42 offers rapid and efficient 3D digitization. Its sophisticated algorithm ensures a smooth scanning experience, enabling users to capture intricate details quickly.


Automation Ready

Pair Scantech SIMSCAN 42 with Scantech’s automated 3D measurement system for continuous, high-batch measurements. This automation enhances manufacturing efficiency and overcomes the limitations of traditional methods, making it a valuable asset in various industries.

Technical Specifications

Scan modeUltra-fast scanning17 blue laser crosses11 blue laser crosses7 blue laser crosses
Hyperfine scanning7 blue parallel laser lines
Deep hole scanning1 extra blue laser line
Accuracy(1)Up to 0.020 mmUp to 0.020 mmUp to 0.020 mm
Scanning rateUp to 2,800,000 measurements/sUp to 2,020,000 measurements/sUp to 1,250,000 measurements/s
Scanning areaUp to 700 mm × 600 mmUp to 650 mm × 550 mmUp to 650 mm × 550 mm
Laser classCLASSⅡ (eye-safe)CLASSⅡ (eye-safe)CLASSⅡ (eye-safe)
ResolutionUp to 0.020 mmUp to 0.020 mmUp to 0.020 mm
Volume accuracy(2)Standard0.015 mm + 0.035 mm/m0.015 mm + 0.035 mm/m0.015 mm + 0.035 mm/m
Paired with MSCAN-L150.015 mm + 0.012 mm/m0.015 mm + 0.012 mm/m0.015 mm + 0.012 mm/m
Stand-off distance300 mm300 mm300 mm
Depth of field550 mm550 mm550 mm
Output formatspj3, asc, igs, txt, mk2, umk, stl, ply, objpj3, asc, igs, txt, mk2, umk, stl, ply, objpj3, asc, igs, txt, mk2, umk, stl, ply, obj
Operating temperature range-10℃–40℃-10℃–40℃-10℃–40℃
Interface modeUSB 3.0USB 3.0USB 3.0
Dimensions203 mm × 80 mm × 44 mm203 mm × 80 mm × 44 mm203 mm × 80 mm × 44 mm
Weight570 g570 g570 g
PatentsCN204329903U, CN104501740B, CN204854633U, CN204944431U, CN204902788U, CN105068384B, CN105049664B, CN204902784U, CN204902785U, CN106403845B, CN110030946B, CN212300269U, CN211904059U, CN211696268U, CN306053019S, CN212606697U, CN306321502S

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Frequently Asked Questions

The SIMSCAN-42 is designed as a pocket-sized 3D scanner, making it convenient for portable use without compromising precision.

The device offers rapid data processing, allowing users to obtain high-precision 3D data in seconds.

Indeed, the device is paired with its dedicated software that provides intelligent scanning paths and automatic data alignment, enhancing the overall scanning experience.

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Handheld 3D Scanner


Aerospace, Archaeology & Heritage Preservation, Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC), Automotive, Education & Research, Entertainment & Media, Forensics & Law Enforcement, Healthcare & Medical, Manufacturing & Design, Military & Defense, Transportation & Warehousing


Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics Analysis, Design and Modeling, Digital Preservation, Interactive Learning & Training, Metrology, Quality Control & Inspection, Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, Safety & Compliance Analysis, Site Surveying & Documentation, Tooling and Mold Creation, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Content Creation, Wear, Damage, and Condition Analysis

Compatible Software

DezignWorks Pro Mesh for Autodesk Inventor, Geomagic Control X, Geomagic Control X Essentials, Geomagic Design X, Geomagic Design X Essentials, Mesh2Surface SolidWorks Plugin, Polyworks | Inspector DezignWorks 10. Quicksurface, Pro Mesh for SolidWorks, QuickSurface


AESUB Scan Spray, Frames, Targets / Dots, Turntables

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