Digitize Designs’ 2024 Trade Show Schedule Unveiled (last updated 6/3/24)

June 3, 2024

The Convergence of Innovation and Precision

In the sprawling landscape of digital design and manufacturing, 2024 stands as a beacon of potential, signaling a year where innovation meets precision spectacularly. Digitize Designs is poised to embark on a meticulously planned odyssey across a series of trade shows, each chosen for its unique contribution to the technological and design forefront. This journey is significantly bolstered by our strategic partnership with Apogee, a distinguished leader in exhibit solutions, ensuring that our presence is seen and felt with flawless execution, transforming each show into an opportunity to tell our story with impact.

Digitize Designs is embarking on another exciting journey this year through a carefully curated series of trade shows showcasing our expertise in 3D Scanning, Metrology, Inspection, Reverse Engineering, and 3D CAD Modeling. Our participation in these events highlights our commitment to innovation, precision, and collaboration, offering a glimpse into the future of technology and design.

A Year Enriched by Partnerships

Our journey through 2024 is enriched by our longtime partnerships with esteemed brands like ScanTech, FARO®, Artec 3D, AESUB, Oqton/Geomagic, Mesh2Surface, QuickSurface, DezignWorks, and PolyWorks. These alliances add to our range of solutions and redefine what’s possible when innovation meets precision.

As Digitize Designs carves a path through 2024, we invite you to join us at the intersection of innovation and precision. This is where we show the world who we are and can be together.

The 2024 Trade Show Lineup:


  • MRO Americas Aviation Week – BOOTH #2087
    • Dates: April 9-11
    • Location: McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois
    • Focus: Aviation Maintenance and Innovation
    • Details: At MRO Americas, we spotlight our advanced metrology and inspection solutions tailored for the aviation industry, showcasing how our services enhance aircraft maintenance, safety, and operational efficiency.
  • Space Tech Expo USA – BOOTH #5044
    • Dates: May 13-15
    • Location: Long Beach, California
    • Focus: Space Technology and Services
    • Details: Space Tech Expo will see us demonstrating our cutting-edge 3D scanning and reverse engineering capabilities, essential for designing and manufacturing spacecraft components, highlighting the role of precision in space exploration.


  • Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC) – BOOTH #408
    • Dates: July 22-25
    • Location: Charlotte
    • Focus: Measurement Technology
    • Details: At CMSC, Digitize Designs emphasizes the importance of accurate metrology and inspection services in ensuring the highest quality control standards, demonstrating our expertise in advanced measurement techniques and showcasing the latest 3D scanners, software, and accessories from our partners, Scantech, Artec 3D, FARO Technologies, and AESUB.
  • International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) – BOOTH #134028
    • Dates: September 9-14
    • Location: Chicago
    • Focus: Manufacturing Technology
    • Details: IMTS is the perfect platform to exhibit our comprehensive 3D CAD modeling and reverse engineering services, demonstrating how we support the manufacturing industry in improving design, efficiency, and time to market.
  • International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) – Booth #3-1434
    • Dates: October 1-3
    • Location: Tampa
    • Focus: Marine Technology
    • Details: At IBEX, we focus on showcasing our 3D scanning and modeling solutions for the marine industry, highlighting how these technologies enhance boat design, customization, and restoration projects.
    • Dates: October 15-17
    • Location: Orlando
    • Focus: Metal Forming, Fabricating, Welding, and Finishing
    • Details: FABTECH allows us to highlight our advanced inspection and metrology services, demonstrating their critical role in metal fabrication and welding processes, ensuring precision and quality in every project.
  • Performance Racing Industry Trade Show
    • Dates & Location: TBA
    • Focus: Racing Technology
    • Details: At the PRI Trade Show, we’ll focus on how our 3D scanning and reverse engineering services can revolutionize the design and manufacturing of racing components, showcasing the speed and accuracy our technology brings to the racing industry.

As we traverse these pivotal industry events, we invite you to discover the impact of our products and services across various sectors. Each trade show is an opportunity to explore how innovation meets precision, pushing the boundaries of technology and design.

Please contact us to learn more, schedule a live demo at a show you’re attending, or for press questions. For more info on Digitize Designs, visit our website or download our 1-Pager Overview.

Last Updated February 28th, 2024

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