Trade Your Used Scanners for New Equipment

It’s time for….a new year, new budgets, and….new tools. If your 2023 has space for expanding your reverse engineering platform, you’ll want to tune in. That’s because we’re now accepting used scanners as trade-ins for new equipment. That’s right: bring your used scanner in—including brands like Faro, Romer, Hexagon, Creaform, Scantech, Artec, Shining 3D, and […]

Budget-Friendly Bargains

Just like you, we’re clearing out our closets and getting ready for the new lines of scanners and accessories in 2023—and we’d like to find our used demo equipment a good home to go to. So, if you’re interested in any of the following scanners, call us for a great deal on our demo models: […]

A Break For Your End-of-Year Budget

It’s the end of the year when you are likely evaluating your tech for a new year with new goals. You may also be determining what budget remains to be spent in the next few months and how to spend it wisely. If you’re looking to expand your reverse engineering repository, we’ve got great news […]

Need a Reset? ARTEC Just Makes it Easy

Historically, if your Artec scanner were a little off, you’d send it to Europe for a complete factory recalibration. Fortunately, those days are over, as Artec recently released a new calibration board for the Artec Leo. Functional for all new and older-model Leos, the calibration board is a simple way for you to make sure […]

Top of the Line Scanning

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line 3D scanner, the Artec Eva is a great option to consider. This scanner is capable of capturing high-quality 3D images of objects of all shapes and sizes. In addition, the Artec Eva is very easy to use, making it an excellent option for both beginners and experienced users. The […]

It’s Expo Season and We Want to Meet You!

If you get our emails, you already know that we have a ton of incredible products in our arsenal. But did you know that the fall is the best time to try some of them out in person? That’s because the fall marks the uptick in Expo season and not only gives us a great […]

Scanning On The Go

Are you trying to speed up the process of your project by finding a professional portable 3D scanner? Do varying specifications and descriptions confuse you? Modern 3D scanning technology has been broadly embraced across numerous industries. They’re used by engineers, product designers, and researchers in 3D printing, aerospace, and entertainment. These 3D scanners can efficiently […]

Studio 17: Better Than Before

If you’re already a fan of Artec Design software (calling all Studio 15 and 16 users!), then you’ll be thrilled to know that Artec Studio 17 is now out—with some great improvements that you’re sure to love. The latest iteration combines reverse engineering, quality control, processing tools, incredible graphics, and more—all with the goal to […]

Discover A Digitized Solution For Professional Scanning

Professional scanning is all about the details, but 3D scanning options give you superior precision. Your best scans will result from high-quality yet interactive software. Artec Studio 3D Scanning Software is well known for its functionality. Let’s discuss the benefits of their digital capabilities in more detail below. Artec Studio 3D Scanning Software offers full […]

Scanning on a Budget? You Have Options

If you’ve got a robust Scan-to-CAD operation or are just starting in the world of reverse engineering, budget can be one of the top factors guiding your decisions on what scanners, software, and accessories to add to your arsenal. Fortunately, getting set up with some of the best tools on the market doesn’t have to […]