Scanning on a Budget? You Have Options

If you’ve got a robust Scan-to-CAD operation or are just starting in the world of reverse engineering, budget can be one of the top factors guiding your decisions on what scanners, software, and accessories to add to your arsenal. Fortunately, getting set up with some of the best tools on the market doesn’t have to […]

What is the Right Handheld 3D Scanner for Your Needs?

Do you need a handheld 3D scanner to improve your project’s workflow? Are the specifications of the handheld scanners available confusing? Various industries have adopted the latest cutting-edge 3D scanning technology. For example, engineers, product designers, and researchers use 3D scanners for complex measurements in sectors like aerospace, entertainment, forensics, and many more. 3D scanners […]

A Dynamic Duo For Automated Inspections

When you have critical parts to measure, time is of the essence, and spending those valuable minutes scanning, inspecting, and creating reports over and over again can really put a dent in your timeline. If this sounds like you, then automating your workflow can help—and these two tools can help streamline your scanning system. The […]

Reimagine Your Data-Capturing Game

Capturing data offers immense opportunities for improving processes. But the task is not without issues. Accessibility, size, light, and other factors can steal away accuracy. The good news? A new sheriff in town is changing the story – welcome in Artec Leo. With Leo, you can capture small and large objects anywhere without unnecessary hassles. Artec […]

Top Two Tools For Your 3D Inspection Toolbox

If you’re constantly seeking out the best tools to add to your 3D Scanning toolbox, look no further; this month we’re featuring two of our top picks for highly accurate scans—the FARO Quantum Max Scan Arm, and Polyworks Inspector Software. With accuracy down to 0.001” Maximum Permissible Error (MPE), the FARO Quantum Max is a hybrid measurement solution that […]

Accurate and Repeatable Inspections with Faro

The super-portable Faro Vantage Laser Tracker can streamline your inspection processes by providing precision accuracy and repeatability, along with a long range of 35 meters to 70 meters. The FARO Vantage E6 and S6 Laser Trackers also feature the wireless 6Probe to measure hard-to-reach features quickly, and you can even combine the functionality of the […]

The Ultimate Long-Range Industrial 3D Scanner

Are you looking for an effective, high-accuracy, long-range 3D scanner to precisely capture large objects? Do you need a scanner that operates efficiently indoors and outdoors? Artec Ray is your ultimate long-range 3D scanner to capture buildings, airplanes, ship propellers, wind turbines, and warehouses. As technology evolves, business enterprises seek fast, effective, and accurate long-range […]

For Whatever Your Next Project Requires

At Digitize Designs, we have one of the most comprehensive product offerings of 3D scanners, services, software, and accessories that you’ll find anywhere. But don’t just take our word for it—check out our catalog of products below. Artec Leo Solutionix D500 Artec Ray AESUB White Artec Space Spider Geomagic Design X Software Solutionix C500 Artec […]

The Top Tool For Quality Control

As everyone in the Scan-to-CAD-world knows: when it comes to detail, accuracy matters, and having the right dimensions lined up exactly as they should be can make the difference between a quality scan and one that hits the trash. For those looking for quality detail and a top-of-the-line QC system, we’ve got great news. Digitize […]

How To Get a Quality 3D Scan

Scanning sprays are utilized in a wide variety of industrial applications to scan small and large objects in order to capture critical data while easily reducing time and costs. Even when using the best professional scanners, a 3D scanning spray is necessary to help capture specific details of reflective, as well as transparent, parts. For […]