Unveiling the Technological Marvels: FAQs on Professional 3D Scanning and Metrology

Welcome to a world where precision meets innovation, where reality seamlessly blends with the digital realm. In this article, we journeyed through the captivating landscape of professional 3D scanning and metrology. We’ll answer your burning questions, explore real-world applications, and delve into the advantages and limitations of these cutting-edge technologies. So brace yourself for a […]

Digitize Designs’ RM-300 Hits the Headlines: Metrology News

As we introduce the latest 3D scanning and inspection innovation — the Digitize Designs RM-300, an Automated Mobile 3D Scanning Inspection Workstation, we’re excited about the buzz continuing to build in the industry! Today, Digitize Designs and the RM-300 have been featured in the industry-leading publication Metrology News, highlighting this cutting-edge OEM solution’s fast, accurate, […]

The 2023 Innovation Conference Recap

This year is packed full of conferences for us at Digitize Designs, and we wanted to share some quick updates from our recent exhibition at the 2023 Innovation Conference at the Nissan Plant in Canton, Mississippi. This gathering of automotive manufacturing innovators took place on April 12 and 13 and was an incredible platform for […]

Press Release: RM-300 Product Launch!

Developed by Digitize Designs, the RM-30 integrates industry-leading hardware, software, and components from our partners: it’s built on the Vention platform, uses SCANTECH SIMSCAN for 3D scanning/sensing, employs Universal Robot’s URE3 for robotics, is powered by a  custom-built PC by Top Flight Computers, controlled by a Dell Touchscreen Monitor, and harnesses Nexos‘ software for robotics […]

US Manufacturing in the Age of Automation and AI

At Digitize Designs, we specialize in 3D scanning and digitization, and we’ve seen firsthand the increasing infusion of automation and AI across many areas of manufacturing. These changes are streamlining production processes and helping businesses remain competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace. However, they also bring challenges, as the economic and human impacts of automation are […]

Digitize Designs Hires Robby Berthume as Head of Marketing

Digitize Designs, a leading provider of cutting-edge 3D scanning and digitization solutions, including products, services, and professional services, has recently announced the appointment of Robby Berthume as the Head of Marketing. Berthume is an accomplished advertising and digital agency veteran who brings over 20 years of branding, marketing, and advertising expertise to his new role, […]

From Prosthetics to Archaeology: 3D Scanning Changes Lives

Advancements in 3D scanning technology have opened up a world of possibilities, from healthcare to archaeology to wildlife conservation. By creating detailed digital models of real-world objects and environments, 3D scanning allows us to visualize and manipulate the physical world in previously impossible ways. But 3D scanning is not just a cool technology; it has […]

Recap of 2023 Innovation Conference + Upcoming Trade Show Preview

Digitize Designs, a leader in 3D scanning and digitization solutions, is excited to share the latest news and updates from our recent exhibition at the 2023 Innovation Conference at the Nissan Plant in Canton, Mississippi. This gathering of automotive manufacturing innovators took place on April 12th and 13th and was a platform for us to showcase our […]

The Future is Here: 6 Trends Shaping the 3D Scanning Industry

The 3D scanning industry is rapidly advancing with technological improvements, making capturing 3D data quicker, easier, and more accurate. Factors such as the increasing adoption of 3D scanning in various sectors, the growing demand for quality control and inspection, and the need for reverse engineering are driving the growth of the 3D scanning market. In […]

Meet The Remarkable, All-New RM-300

As the first of many OEM automated solutions Digitize Designs will be releasing in 2023 and beyond, the RM-300 is our flagship automated inspection cart and works by leveraging a top-tier tech stack in terms of best-in-class hardware and software, all combined into a mobile workstation. Featuring industry-leading software and hardware for 3D scanning, the […]