Top Two Tools For Your 3D Inspection Toolbox

April 5, 2022

If you’re constantly seeking out the best tools to add to your 3D Scanning toolbox, look no further; this month we’re featuring two of our top picks for highly accurate scans—the FARO Quantum Max Scan Arm, and Polyworks Inspector Software.

FARO Quantum Max Scan Arm

With accuracy down to 0.001” Maximum Permissible Error (MPE), the FARO Quantum Max is a hybrid measurement solution that combines laser scanning with probing, as well as three models of Laser Line Probe (LLP) to choose from xR, which provides ultra-high resolution for capturing the finest details; xP, a balance of resolution and speed; and xS, which provides ultra-high-speed scanning for 3D data capture of large objects quickly.

Polyworks Inspector Software

PolyWorks Inspector, a 3D dimensional analysis and quality control software, helps diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues using 3D measurement data from the FARO Quantum Max and other portable metrology solutions. With PolyWorks Inspector, you can guide the assembly process through real-time measurements and provide enhanced root cause analysis including trend charts using statistical process control (SPC). Even better—PolyWorks Inspector is compatible with all 3D measurement devices.

If you’re interested in scheduling a demo of either of these tools or want to add them to your scanning abilities, reach out to us.

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