Reimagine Your Data-Capturing Game

April 28, 2022

Capturing data offers immense opportunities for improving processes. But the task is not without issues. Accessibility, size, light, and other factors can steal away accuracy. The good news? A new sheriff in town is changing the story – welcome in Artec Leo.

With Leo, you can capture small and large objects anywhere without unnecessary hassles.

Artec Leo’s Innovative Capabilities

Artec Leo comes with a load of benefits and capabilities:

1. Painless to Use

Just point Leo at your object and hit the “start” button. Then leave the heavy lifting to this intelligent technology. The scanner has smart scanning settings, tracking technology, and real-time hints to make your job a breeze.

  • No need for markers or targets
  • Distance color map
  • Indicator for accurate capture
  • Pause and resume painlessly
  • AI-powered

2. 100% Mobile

Bid farewell to computers and cables as you go to scan even in the remotest corner of our planet. This cloud-connected and WiFi-enabled device has an interactive screen. View a real-time replica and employ intelligent cues to perfect your game.

  • No cable
  • Interactive screen
  • 3D replica
  • Tilting screen

3. Tried-and-Proven Accuracy

Leo’s temperature remains stable to ensure laser-accurate results. Is the scanner failing when it comes to accuracy? Stay calm and grab its calibration kit to bring the scanner back to the line.

  • 0.1mm point accuracy
  • Calibration certificate
  • Automatic temperature control
  • Calibration kit

4. Lightning-Fast Speed

Leo is more accurate and durable than any other scanner on the market. Its power-efficient processor and top-notch algorithms ensure unprecedented speed and performance in any application.

  • 0.2mm 3D resolution
  • 28FPS 3D reconstruction rate
  • 3 mln points/second data acquisition speed

5. Color Capture Prowess

Leo’s state-of-the-art tech ensures you capture texture regardless of surrounding light. Features like a 2-in-1 optical system, 9 DoF position sensors, and light technology are what sets Leo apart from the pack.

6. Versatile Solutions

Leo displays versatility in being used anywhere. You can also capture large and medium surfaces or objects. Do you desire to take on an entire room or larger space? No problem – just pair Leo with a powerful computer.

  • Artec Studio
  • Used anywhere
  • Limitless creation and expansion of functionality
  • Collaborate from anywhere
  • 160,000 cm3 capture zone

Applications that Work

Leo is a one-for-all solution that empowers professionals in diverse industries to perform more efficiently and faster. It can be used in:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Art and design
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Education and science
  • Quality inspection
  • Manufacturing and industrial design

Are you looking for Artec Leo to supercharge your scanning job and bring the freedom you desire? Contact us today to learn more.

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