A Dynamic Duo For Automated Inspections

May 5, 2022

When you have critical parts to measure, time is of the essence, and spending those valuable minutes scanning, inspecting, and creating reports over and over again can really put a dent in your timeline. If this sounds like you, then automating your workflow can help—and these two tools can help streamline your scanning system.

The Scantech SimScan is a highly portable, highly durable scanner designed to grab the finest detail in almost any situation. With an accuracy of 20 microns and a resolution of 25 microns, the SimScan can collect 2 million points/second and is proving to be a revolutionary product in the field of metrology.

But when you pair the SimScan with PolyWorks Inspector, magic can happen. With Polyworks Inspector, a 3D dimensional analysis and quality control software, you can diagnose and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues using 3D measurement data from the SimScan. When you take it a step further, and with Polyworks Inspector’s custom Macros, you can automate all the repetitive tasks that go along with inspecting and measuring a part, saving you precious time and allowing you to move on to the next big thing.

If you’re interested in scheduling a demo of either of these tools or want to add them to your scanning line-up, reach out to us. Check out our website or contact us with your questions anytime.

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