The Ultimate Long-Range Industrial 3D Scanner

February 24, 2022

Are you looking for an effective, high-accuracy, long-range 3D scanner to precisely capture large objects? Do you need a scanner that operates efficiently indoors and outdoors? Artec Ray II is your ultimate long-range 3D scanner to capture buildings, airplanes, ship propellers, wind turbines, and warehouses.

As technology evolves, business enterprises seek fast, effective, and accurate long-range data-capturing solutions to streamline their processes. Artec Ray delivers that by capturing data accurately and fast with low noise levels to enhance post-processing and ensure quality inspection.

What Makes Artec Ray Your Ideal 3D Scanner

Artec Ray uses submillimeter distance precision to accurately capture large objects to produce the best high-quality 3D scans in class angular accuracy. In addition, the scanner generates cleaner data capture than other 3D laser scanners in the market to speed up data processing.

Artec Ray 3D Scanner Key Features

Here are the Artec Ray’s key features and specifications that make it your ideal 3D scanner in the market today:

  • Convenient And Accessible 3D Data Capture: Compact and portable with an inbuilt battery that can last for four hours, making it ideal for outdoor and indoor onsite scanning
  • High Accuracy: The 3D scanner comes with submillimeter precision to capture all details and ensure ultra-high precision
  • Advanced Software Compatibility: the powerful Artec Studio software processes data directly after scanning and exports the data seamlessly to Geomagic Design X at the touch of a button
  • Ease Of Use: User-friendly and lightweight for easy mounting and scanning, no lengthy preparations during set-up
  • Compatibility: Controls the scanning process via a tablet or mobile device using the Artec Remote app available for Android and iOS connected over WiFi
  • Processing Speed: High processing speeds for a high turnaround to improve productivity
  • Autopilot Mode Data Processing: Get excellent results by accessing accurate algorithms to produce 3D models in HD Mode. Speeds up the workflow while saving time to enhance productivity
  • Complete 3D Scanning Package: Enables capturing of hard-to-reach areas via integrating Artec Space Spider or Artec Eva 3D handheld scanners

Applications of Artec Ray 3D Scanner

Artec Ray 3D scanner is best suited in the following sectors:

  • Industrial Design and Manufacturing: Best suited for reverse engineering, quality control, aerospace, and rapid prototyping
  • Reverse Engineering: Industries practicing reverse engineering can use Artec Ray 3D scanner for customization, product design, and 3D documentation
  • Science and Education: Online museums, research, and training
  • Art and Design: In the art and design sector, the scanner is effective in architecture, fashion, heritage preservation, and CGI
  • Healthcare: In the medical sector, the Artec Ray 3D scanner is best suited for medical professionals specializing in orthopedics, plastic surgery, prosthetics, and custom wheelchairs

Are you looking for a practical, fast, compact, indoor or outdoor large objects 3D scanner? Do you want to save on data processing time and enhance productivity? Then contact us today and learn about our wide range of 3D scanners and scanning services to streamline your processes and grow your business.

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