Artec Ray II

Artec Ray II

Artec Ray II is a wireless laser 3D scanner meticulously designed for precision and speed, ensuring top-notch performance in capturing large objects and scenes from up to 130 meters away. This assurance of high performance is a key factor for professionals in various industries.

Whether you’re working with wind turbines, aircraft, factory floors, or forensic scenes, this LiDAR solution delivers top-quality 3D scans for a wide range of applications like reverse engineering, inspections, and digital twin creation. Its lightweight, portable design ensures easy use in various scenarios, instilling confidence in professionals across industries in its ability to handle diverse tasks.

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Lightning-fast Long-range 3D Scanner for Professional Captures with High Accuracy

Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of Artec Ray II in action. Watch this video to see how this high-accuracy, long-range 3D laser scanner effortlessly captures massive objects and intricate details, revolutionizing your scanning experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the limitless possibilities of 3D scanning with Artec Ray II.

Enhanced Scanning Experience

Artec Ray II elevates 3D scanning with its advanced features. The Artec Remote App empowers you to scan large or inaccessible objects from a safe distance, enhancing your safety and efficiency. Real-time registration, supported by advanced algorithms and sensors like the Visual Inertial System, Altimeter, compass, and Global Navigation Satellite System, ensures precise and efficient navigation in 3D space. The scanner’s intelligent auto-removal of moving objects maintains the focus on your target, simplifying the scanning process.



Uninterrupted Scanning Power

The 3D laser scanner Artec Ray II ensures uninterrupted scanning with its continuous supply battery system. Equipped with two hot-swappable batteries and an additional two on standby, it offers 8 hours of scanning time. If more time is needed, you can charge the batteries while scanning, allowing seamless operation without downtime. Additionally, the scanner is fortified against environmental elements with its robust IP54 (IEC 60529) water and dust protection, ensuring your device remains protected from particles and humidity during work. This durability instills confidence in the scanner’s performance, even in challenging environments.


See for yourself the remarkable capabilities of the Artec Ray II with a live demo.

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Why Choose the Artec Ray II?

Experience the precision of the lightning-fast long-range 3D scanner, the Artec Ray II, designed for professional captures with unparalleled accuracy.


Unlock Precision at a Distance with the Artec Ray II

Meet Artec Ray II, the wireless laser 3D scanner that sets the standard for speed and precision in capturing large-scale objects, scenes, or areas. With its exceptional long-range capabilities, Artec Ray II can effortlessly scan objects up to 130 meters away, delivering professional-grade 3D point accuracy and industry-leading angular accuracy.


The Ultimate Solution for Large-Scale Precision – Designed for Precision, Built for Versatility

Artec Ray II is not just a 3D scanner, it’s the ultimate solution for large-scale precision. Tailor-made to capture intricate details of massive objects, it can be used in diverse applications such as reverse engineering, inspections, digital twin creation, crime scene documentation, and assessing civil infrastructure changes over time.


Portable and Efficient – Professional Quality on the Go

With Artec Ray II, professional quality is no longer confined to the office. Its lightweight, wireless design ensures easy transportation and setup wherever needed. Capture vehicles in minutes and scan full-sized buildings or aircraft in just hours. Artec Ray II offers unmatched convenience and efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Artec Ray II
3D point accuracy @10m1.9 mm
3D point accuracy @20m2.9 mm
3D point accuracy @40m5.3 mm
Angular accuracy0.87 mm @10m (or 18 arcseconds)
Range accuracy1.0 mm + 10 ppm
Range noise0.4 mm @ 10m - 0.5mm @ 20m

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Artec Ray II is a cutting-edge laser scanner that captures large objects such as buildings, wind turbines, and airplanes. With its ability to scan up to 330 meters away and maintain impeccable detail, the Ray II is the pinnacle of long-range 3D scanning.

Artec Ray II employs a precise laser scanning mechanism, ensuring high-resolution captures over vast distances. This technology is particularly tailored for large-scale projects, enabling professionals to gather vast amounts of data relatively quickly.

Absolutely! The Artec Ray II is designed for outdoor applications. Its extended scanning range makes it ideal for capturing large structures and environments, from industrial sites to historical landmarks.

The Artec Ray II seamlessly integrates with Artec Studio, ensuring the best experience in 3D data capture, processing, and management. Beyond Artec Studio, the Ray II’s output is versatile enough for various CAD and CAM software solutions, bolstering its relevance in numerous professional domains. Always ensure software compatibility to enjoy a frictionless workflow.

Yes, the Artec Ray II is designed with portability in mind. Its compact build and lightweight design make it easily transported to various sites, making it an ideal tool for professionals on the move.

The Artec Ray II prides itself on its high-resolution scanning capabilities. Its laser technology and sophisticated software integration guarantee detailed and accurate representations of even the most expansive objects and sites.

The Artec Ray II is designed for straightforward use, minimizing the need for complex setups or calibrations. This ensures that professionals can focus on capturing their desired data without delays.

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Long-Range 3D Scanners


Aerospace, Archaeology & Heritage Preservation, Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC), Education & Research, Entertainment & Media, Forensics & Law Enforcement, Manufacturing & Design, Military & Defense, Transportation & Warehousing


Accident Analysis & Reconstruction, Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics Analysis, Digital Preservation, Facility Layout & Planning, Interactive Learning & Training, Quality Control & Inspection, Reverse Engineering, Safety & Compliance Analysis, Site Surveying & Documentation, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Content Creation

Compatible Software

Artec Studio, DezignWorks Pro Mesh for Autodesk Inventor, Geomagic Control X, Geomagic Control X Essentials, Geomagic Design X, Geomagic Design X Essentials, Mesh2Surface SolidWorks Plugin, Polyworks | Inspector DezignWorks 10. Quicksurface, Pro Mesh for SolidWorks, QuickSurface


AESUB Scan Spray, Targets / Dots

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