The Best 3D Scanner For Your Next Project

October 14, 2021

Are you looking for a 3D scanner for an existing task or an upcoming project? Finding the proper scanning solutions to best suit your project can be daunting. You have to undergo various challenges until you discover the right match.

First, you need to compare the best solutions that will work perfectly with your projects. Then, make the right investment by getting a suitable scanner that will enable you to get the job done well and fast. And lastly, you need to know if the software is up to date and make the right choice for specific project solutions.

Fortunately, you can avoid all this hassle by getting your scanners from the top manufacturers in the market. Here are the bestselling scanners with exceptional features to suit your subsequent projects effectively.

Top 3D Scanners From Digitize Designs

Technical engineers go through a myriad of challenges to create revolutionary products that everyone will love. You can streamline your projects using these top scanners:

  • Artec Eva: most versatile and effortless service.
  • Artec Leo: lighting-fast operational speed, with ultra-portability.
  • Artec Micro II: quality desktop 3D scanning.
  • Artec Ray II: top accuracy with long-range 3D scanning ability.
  • Artec Space Spider: fast, easy to use, and highly accurate.
  • Solutionix C500: easy to use with multiple lens options.
  • Solutionix D500: automated scanning.
  • Solutionix D700: automated scanning with ultra-precision.
  • Vizoo3d Xtex: swift with a seamless texture capture.
  • Kscan 20: pinpoint accuracy and ultra-high detailing.
  • Kscan Magic: top scanning speeds with optimized 3D measurement workflows for fast production.
  • Axe-B11: versatile with an incredible 3D experience.
  • Trackscan-P42: uses intelligent optical tracking measurement technology for high-quality scanning and ultra-high precision.
  • Simscan: hand-held 3D scanner for perfect customizations.

These high-quality 3D scanners offer the best solutions you can find on the market. They also provide dependable scanning services to create quality products quickly and accurately. Contact us at Digitize Designs to learn more about these scanners and more.

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