How To Get a Quality 3D Scan

December 22, 2021

Scanning sprays are utilized in a wide variety of industrial applications to scan small and large objects in order to capture critical data while easily reducing time and costs. Even when using the best professional scanners, a 3D scanning spray is necessary to help capture specific details of reflective, as well as transparent, parts. For the cases where an object is too shiny, too transparent, or even difficult to capture, it is always important to know which spray to use. Here are some of the best scanning sprays you can use to get the perfect 3D scan.

AESUB Blue Scanning Spray

AESUB Blue is a scanning spray that has been engineered to provide a clean and even surface for a perfect scan. It is efficiently applicable even with reflective, transparent, and highly textured surfaces. AESUB Blue’s special evaporating formula usually requires no cleaning and won’t stain or affect your product. After application, the spray disappears without a trace within an hour, leaving nothing but a perfect scan behind.

AESUB Orange Scanning Spray

AESUB Orange is the thinnest Aesub spray and is very effective for getting perfect 3D scans. This unique formula sprays on effortlessly, then completely disappears after 12 hours, leaving no residue and no mess behind. This product also allows full coverage and higher scanability on any surface, including a reflective, highly textured, or clear surface.

Covering every inch of your product with a thin, self-evaporating powder coat, the AESUB Orange scanning spray allows an even surface for the clearest and cleanest scan you can achieve.

AESUB Green Scanning Spray

AESUB Green scanning spray usually lasts for 8 hours and disappears on its own without requiring any cleaning. Covering every inch of your product with a thin and homogenous coating, the AESUB Green scanning spray allows an even surface for the clearest and cleanest scan possible. All you need is an airgun to spray it on and you will get the best results on larger objects and surfaces.

AESUB White Scanning Spray

Like the other sprays, AESUB White allows full coverage and higher scanability of any surface, including reflective, highly textured, and clear surfaces. In addition, this unique formula contains no harmful Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), unlike many products on the market.

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