Learn Artec Studio Quickly and Efficiently

These Artec 3D scanning tutorials will teach you everything you need to know in order to get the most out of your scanners and software. If you are a Digitize Designs customer and can't find what you need in the videos below, please contact us so we can help.

What's New in Artec Studio 12

Artec 3D has released version 12 of their Artec Studio 3D scanning software, and it’s a massive update. We cover most of the major new features and improvements in this video.

We will be releasing a few updated video tutorials for Artec Studio 12, but the Artec Studio 11 videos below will still teach you the basics of Artec Studio regardless of the version you are using.

Artec Studio Autopilot

The Artec Studio Autopilot feature makes 3d scan processing a breeze. It doesn’t really need much of a tutorial, but this overview video shows the basic steps for using this feature

Manual Processing

Even though Artec Studio has the Autopilot feature, you will still need to know the manual process for some types of scans. This video will teach you the required steps.

Download the manual processing PDF and the practice Artec Studio project below. This will allow you to follow along, step by step.

Processing Guide (PDF)Practice Project (ZIP)

Eraser Tool

This video shows you how to use the eraser tool to remove unnecessary data from your raw 3D scans and edit your fused scan data.

Bad Frames

After running global registration, you will sometimes have failed frames and see warnings in the max error or quality column of the workspace. This video will show you how to fix those scans as well as improve the quality of your scan.

Manual Alignment

Auto alignment in Artec Studio works well, but sometimes you may need to manually align your 3d scans. This video shows how to use the rigid alignment to manually align raw scans.


There are three types of fusions in Artec Studio: Fast, Smooth, and Sharp. This video shows how and when to use them. It also shows how the hole filling options work for Smooth and Sharp fusion.

Editing Fusions

Artec Studio has defeature and smooth brushes that can be used to edit the fusions created from your raw 3d scan data. Watch this video to learn how to use these tools.

Holes and Edges

Not every mesh you create from a 3D scan in Artec Studio will be watertight or even complete. The edges tab gives you the tools to file holes and smooth jagged edges. This video shows you how to use these features.

Mesh Simplification

Artec Studio creates very high polygon meshes from raw 3D scan data. Some programs can handle this fine, while others cannot. This video covers how to use the various mesh simplification algorithms within Artec Studio to reduce or decimate meshes.

Texture Editing

The Artec 3D scanners capture full color during the scanning process and this color information can be reapplied after fusing the raw data. This video shows how to use the texture healing tool in Artec Studio touch up or edit this color texture.