Spray It On For Vivid Detail

June 9, 2021

For a perfect scan with defined detail, you need a great 3D scanner, some powerful software, and…..AESUB spray?


The truth is, AESUB Scanning Sprays are the future, providing a clean, even surface for your 3D scan, even (and especially!) with reflective, transparent, or highly textured surfaces. For many of the AESUB products, they disappear after only a few hours, leaving a clean surface behind, with little cleanup!

Here’s a quick intro to the AESUB family:

  • AESUB White – The cheapest, most traditional spray, AESUB white is a powder coat that does not disappear.
  • AESUB Blue – AESUB Blue goes on thin and white for ideal scanning; even better? It disappears in about an hour.
  • AESUB Orange – Like the Blue, AESUB Orange goes on thin and white for ideal scanning but lasts a bit longer for those more intricate projects—disappearing after about 12 hours
  • AESUB Green – Ideal for large projects, AESUB Green goes on thin and white and it comes in bulk. Green also requires a spray gun and disappears after 6 hours.

Want to know more about the AESUB product line?

As always, if you have any questions or would like a demo on any of the products mentioned, check out our website, or contact us with your questions.

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