Meet The Remarkable, All-New RM-300

March 31, 2023

As the first of many OEM automated solutions Digitize Designs will be releasing in 2023 and beyond, the RM-300 is our flagship automated inspection cart and works by leveraging a top-tier tech stack in terms of best-in-class hardware and software, all combined into a mobile workstation.

Featuring industry-leading software and hardware for 3D scanning, the RM-300 is integrated with a portable rolling cart design. As a result, it provides practically turnkey automatic part inspection, featuring:

  • 20-micron accuracy (0.0008 inches)
  • No need for powder on dark or shiny surfaces
  • 2 million points/second (average cycle time is less than 60 seconds)
  • Automatic inspections and reports created in Polyworks
  • Standard and customizable scan paths

The most incredible thing is this: no substitutions apply. This proprietary tech is something you won’t find anywhere else because it came straight from the minds of the Digitize Designs team based on years of experience and unparalleled industry partnerships. The RM-300 Automated Inspection Cart is designed by Digitize Designs and built on a Vention platform that utilizes SCANTECH SIMSCAN for 3D scanning/sensing, Universal Robot’s URE3 for robotics, a custom-built PC by Top Flight Computers and Dell Touchscreen Monitor for the system and dashboard, Nexos’ software for robotics and 3D scanning, and Polyworks Inspector software for automated inspections.

Sold? Ready to bring RM-300 into your shop? Give us a shout today, and we’ll set up a time to chat more about expanding your capabilities with this incredible new piece of equipment.

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Introducing Our Newest Team Member


Robby joined us at the start of this year to lead our marketing and hone our brand and content as our growth continues to accelerate. Robby’s 20+ year marketing career has involved working with some of the most innovative and well-known brands and agencies in the world, and he’s been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Inc., SUCCESS, Fox News, and more. His marching orders? Develop our brand’s “why” and refine our unique storytelling in a way that’s remarkable across every medium and channel where our voice is relevant.

“Since before starting my first agency at the age of 14, I’ve had a deep love for all things technology and marketing. After all, one without the other just doesn’t pack the same punch. It’s my love of bleeding-edge tech and innovation coupled with my entrepreneurial experience growing emerging brands that made joining Digitize Designs an incredible opportunity. I’m excited about our continued commitment to growth and support that commitment in my role!”


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