Scantech Trackscan-P42 – Demo Scanner

Scantech Trackscan-P42 – Demo Scanner

The Scantech Trackscan-P42, now available as a professionally-used demo unit at Digitize Designs, continues to set the standard in ultra-high precision 3D scanning.

As part of our carefully selected collection of used 3D scanners, this Trackscan-P42 model offers the same exceptional quality and reliability you’d expect from a new device but at a significantly reduced price.

  • No Markers Needed
  • Unrivaled-Fast & Detail-Maker
  • Wireless Portable Cmm

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Forefront of dynamic 3D measurement technology

The Scantech Trackscan-P42 represents the forefront of dynamic 3D measurement technology, tailored for a variety of scanning needs with unparalleled precision. This advanced system is capable of switching between multiple working modes, each designed to optimize the scanning process. It features 17 crossed blue laser lines that enable an ultra-fast scanning rate of 1,900,000 measurements per second, ensuring a smooth and efficient scanning experience. For capturing finer details, 7 parallel blue laser lines meticulously record intricate data, while a single blue laser line is specially designed for quickly gathering 3D data from challenging areas like deep holes and angles that are typically hard to reach.

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Dynamic 3D Scanning with Unmatched Precision and Versatility

The TrackScan-P42 is a cutting-edge 3D scanning system that offers an unparalleled combination of speed and accuracy. Its multi-modal capabilities allow users to effortlessly switch between 17 crossed blue laser lines for rapid scanning, 7 parallel lines for capturing intricate details, and a single laser line for collecting 3D data in hard-to-reach areas such as deep holes and blind spots. With a staggering scanning rate of 1.9 million measurements per second, the TrackScan-P42 provides an exceptionally smooth user experience.

Intelligent Features for Enhanced Efficiency and Precision

What sets the TrackScan-P42 apart is its marker-free, intelligent optical tracking, significantly reducing setup time and operational costs. This feature ensures instantaneous scanning without the need for external markers, simplifying the workflow and enhancing overall efficiency. Moreover, the system includes a wireless portable CMM T-Probe, designed for capturing highly precise 3D data with a single-point repeatability of just 0.030 mm. Whether you’re scanning for engineering, inspection, or other specialized applications, the TrackScan-P42 delivers a winning combination of speed, accuracy, and convenience.


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