AESUBdots Black & White

AESUBdots Black & White

AESUBdots Black & White are reference targets ideal for the use of structured light scanners.

They serve as markers for three-dimensional objects during scanning.

  • Multiple size options
  • Easy to apply & remove with a strong self-adhesive effect
  • Works with any type of scanner


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AESUBdots Black & White: Precision Markers for Enhanced Scanning Accuracy

AESUBdots Black & White, precision reference markers, are designed to enhance the accuracy of 3D scanning systems. They are available in a variety of sizes, including 1.5mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm. The smaller sizes are provided at 6000 dots per roll, and the larger sizes at 3000 dots per roll. Applying these dots is a breeze, thanks to their strong self-adhesive backing, which ensures they firmly attach to a range of surfaces, including those coated with AESUB’s vanishing scanning sprays. AESUBdots Black & White are universally compatible with all major brands of 3D scanners, offering professionals the versatility to significantly enhance scanning precision. Whether used in engineering, automotive, aerospace, or other industries requiring meticulous measurement, AESUBdots Black & White offer a simple yet effective solution to achieve accurate 3D scanning results.

AESUBdots: Versatile and Accurate Reference Points for 3D Scanning

Enhance the precision of your 3D scanning process with AESUBdots Black & White, the versatile reference points designed for accuracy. Available in various sizes ranging from 0.8mm to 12mm to suit any scanning scale, each roll provides a generous number of self-adhesive dots that effortlessly attach to diverse surfaces, including those coated with AESUB’s vanishing scanning sprays. Whether you’re using Scantech, Artec 3D, FARO Technologies, Creaform, GOM, Zeiss, Hexagon, Aicon, or Shining 3D systems, AESUBdots Black & White ensure scanning accuracy, guaranteeing you capture every detail with ease and efficiency.


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Why Choose AESUBdots Black & White?


Enhanced Scanning Precision

AESUBdots Black & White offer a range of sizes to provide high accuracy in various scanning volumes, ensuring detailed and precise measurements every time.


Optimized for Versatility

These self-adhesive dots can be applied on a multitude of surfaces and are compatible with the vanishing scanning sprays from AESUB, enhancing their utility across different scanning scenarios.


Universal Compatibility

Designed to work seamlessly with any 3D scanning system, AESUBdots Black & White are the perfect accessory to improve the accuracy of your scanning results, regardless of the scanner brand.

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