Improve Your Business Using 3D Scanning Technology

February 26, 2021

Today, many products begin their lives on a computer screen, with numerous digital designs drawn, tweaked, and tested before one is selected for manufacture.

But what if you need to go the opposite direction, taking an existing product and precisely translating it to the digital realm? Digitize Designs helps companies in a wide range of industries do just that with their 3D scanning products and services.

Simplifying the Process

Using stationary and hand-held 3D scanners, we can take any physical object and reverse engineer it into a 3D CAD model. This can greatly simplify the design and prototyping process and help speed products to market.

You don’t need to be a manufacturer to benefit from 3D scanning. Museums, for example, use 3D scanning both to preserve their collections and make them available to a wider audience. The Smithsonian Institution, which has only 1% of its 155 million items on public display, is now 3D scanning its collection.  Anyone can now download and 3D print models of significant artifacts from American history, such as a mask of Abraham Lincoln, the Wright Brothers 1903 flyer, and the Apollo 11 capsule.

Avoid Big Investments

Any organization interested in 3D scanning needn’t make a big investment in hardware and software to get started. Instead, simply send a product to us and we can 3D scan it for you. In return, you’ll receive a 3D CAD model of the product.

Ready to Move 3D Scanning Capabilities In-House?

We work with multiple 3D scanner hardware and software vendors, including:

  • Artech
  • Scantech
  • Vizoo
  • Aesub
  • Solutionix
  • and Geomagic

This allows us to tailor a package of products best suited to a customer’s size, scale, and budget. Most notable is our long association as a Gold Partner with industry-leader Artec and their portfolio of hardware and software products.

Once a company is ready to convert a CAD file into a product, we can 3D print it in a variety of materials, making rapid prototyping and short-run manufacturing viable for a variety of industries. Imagine no longer needing to order a part; simply make it yourself. Digitize Design can show you how.

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