FARO Vantage Laser Trackers

FARO Vantage Laser Trackers

FARO Vantage Laser Trackers are advanced measurement systems designed for high-precision 3D measurements in various industrial applications.

These laser trackers use laser technology to accurately track the position of a target, allowing for the measurement of complex objects and large-scale components with exceptional accuracy and repeatability.

  • High Precision
  • Portability
  • Dynamic Measurement
  • Wireless Operation
  • Integrated Software
  • Large Measurement Volume
  • Versatility

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Fast, Accurate Measurements for Large-scale Applications

FARO Vantage Laser Trackers have transformed the measurement of large parts, molds, assemblies, and machinery, simplifying on-site measurements and reducing inspection times by up to 75%. They track 3D coordinates as users move a target across the object, facilitating rapid comparisons with CAD data for informed adjustments or confident progress. The latest VantageS6 Max and VantageE6 Max models introduce more accurate 6DoF probing, accelerating inspections and reducing device repositioning. The increased accuracy allows probing of points beyond the line of sight without tooling changes, resulting in a remarkable 20% boost in productivity.

Precision and Portability: Exploring Vantage Laser Trackers for High-Accuracy Measurements

Vantage Laser Trackers offer the perfect blend of high precision and portability, delivering sub-millimeter accuracy ideal for precision tasks such as quality control, reverse engineering, and large machinery alignment. Their exceptional portability enables easy transport within and between facilities, enhancing measurement process efficiency. Additionally, select Vantage Laser Tracker models support dynamic measurement, allowing real-time measurements of moving objects, making them valuable for applications like robotic guidance and motion analysis.


Wireless Operation and Integrated Software

Numerous Vantage Laser Trackers offer wireless communication capabilities, enhancing efficiency and flexibility through remote control and data transfer during measurement tasks. Complementing this, FARO provides integrated software solutions that seamlessly integrate with their laser trackers. These software packages empower users to efficiently capture, process, and analyze measurement data, streamlining the entire measurement workflow for optimal results.


Large Measurement Volume and Versatility

Laser trackers offer expansive measurement volumes, rendering them highly applicable in industries like aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing, where the need for measuring large objects and assemblies is prevalent. Their versatility extends to a wide range of measurement tasks, encompassing part inspection, tool alignment, and assembly verification, making them indispensable tools for multifaceted applications.


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Why Choose FARO Vantage Laser Trackers?


ActiveSeek™ Technology

Precision in Motion FARO Vantage Laser Trackers boast the groundbreaking ActiveSeek™ Technology, setting a new standard in precision tracking. With the industry’s widest field of view, these trackers can expertly follow moving targets, even when they are obstructed from direct line of sight. This advanced feature ensures uninterrupted measurement accuracy in dynamic environments, making them invaluable for applications that demand real-time tracking.



Unveiling Hidden Dimensions Adding to its versatility, the Vantage Laser Tracker incorporates the handheld 6Probe. This innovative tool enables 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) measurements with interchangeable styli, making it possible to capture data from concealed areas that are not easily accessible. The 6Probe’s capabilities open up new dimensions of measurement, allowing users to explore hidden geometries with precision.


Efficiency and Flexibility

Fast Data Acquisition and More The Vantage Laser Tracker goes beyond tracking and probing. Its fast data acquisition capabilities make it well-suited for high-speed motion control and high-density scanning tasks. Moreover, it features an Integrated Absolute Distance Measurement System (IADM) that employs a Class 1 (eye-safe) laser for reliable distance and angle measurements. The tracker’s RemoteControls™ Workflow enables effortless mobile device-based control, enhancing overall workflow efficiency. With exceptional portability, rugged resistance to environmental factors, hot-swappable battery technology, integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, versatile mounting options, and an integrated weather station for accuracy assurance, the Vantage Laser Tracker is a comprehensive solution designed to excel in diverse measurement scenarios.

Technical Specifications

VantageS6 MaxVantageE6 Max
Select SMR Range0 – 80m0 – 35m
7/8” and 1.5” SMR Range 0 – 60m0 – 35m
.5” SMR Range 0 – 30m 0 – 30m
Minimum 6DoF Range 2.5m
Maximum 6DoF Range 15m
Angular Accuracyb 20μm + 5μm/m
Distance Accuracyb 16μm + 0.8μm/m
Distance Resolution 0.5μm
Probing Accuracyc 50μm + 5μm/m
6DoF Maximum Roll 360 degrees
6DoF Maximum Pitch and Yawd 25 degrees (compounded)
Level Accuracy +/- 2 arcseconds
Data Rate 1000 points per second
Camera Field of View 50 degrees
Laser Emissione Class 1 laser product: 630-640nm laser, 0.39 milliwatt max/cw

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Frequently Asked Questions

FARO Vantage Laser Trackers are high-precision, portable measurement systems designed for large-scale 3D metrology. They are extensively used in aerospace, automotive, and heavy machinery for assembly alignment, part and tool building, and quality inspection.

These trackers are equipped with the innovative 6Probe technology, enabling users to measure hidden areas and deep pockets that are out of the direct line of sight. With ActiveSeek™ technology, the trackers can quickly locate and follow the 6Probe, maintaining high measurement accuracy even across substantial distances and complex geometries.

Yes, the Vantage series is designed to withstand challenging industrial environments. With their rugged design and IP52-rated sealing against dust and water, these trackers perform indoors and outdoors reliably.

FARO Vantage Trackers are primarily compatible with FARO’s CAM2 software, which offers an intuitive interface for managing the measurement process, analyzing data, and reporting. Additionally, they can work with other metrology, inspection, and CAD software through appropriate compatibility checks.

With features like SmartFind and Multiview Cameras, Vantage Trackers efficiently handle complex measurement tasks. SmartFind optimizes target detection, while the Multiview Cameras provide wide-area coverage, ensuring fast and accurate measurements.

The Vantage series is designed for ease of use, with minimal setup required. Calibration is straightforward and guided by the companion software, ensuring consistent performance and accuracy across all measurements.

Yes, the Vantage Trackers are capable of dynamic measurement, capturing the real-time position and orientation of moving objects with high precision. This is particularly useful in applications like robot calibration or real-time component alignment.

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