Digitize Designs’ RM-300 Hits the Headlines: Metrology News

May 2, 2023

As we introduce the latest 3D scanning and inspection innovation — the Digitize Designs RM-300, an Automated Mobile 3D Scanning Inspection Workstation, we’re excited about the buzz continuing to build in the industry!

Today, Digitize Designs and the RM-300 have been featured in the industry-leading publication Metrology News, highlighting this cutting-edge OEM solution’s fast, accurate, and fully automated system for 3D scanning inspection, with the added benefit of being mobile and turnkey.

This groundbreaking technology is set to revolutionize how manufacturers and engineers approach the measurement and inspection of complex industrial components.

In their featured highlight of the RM-300Metrology News explores the key features and benefits of Digitize Designs’ all-new Automated Mobile 3D Scanning Inspection Workstation. It highlights its potential to transform metrology and the manufacturing industry.

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