Need a Reset? ARTEC Just Makes it Easy

Historically, if your Artec scanner were a little off, you’d send it to Europe for a complete factory recalibration. Fortunately, those days are over, as Artec recently released a new calibration board for the Artec Leo.

Functional for all new and older-model Leos, the calibration board is a simple way for you to make sure your Leo is scanning at top performance. And if you’re not in the market to buy a recalibration board yourself, we have even better news: you can use ours!

Artec recalibrationDon’t worry about shipping your top scanner across the world or even shipping it to us. For $350 plus shipping, we’ll ship our calibration board straight to you to use to recalibrate your Artec Leo. So you get it done quickly, in-house, and when you’re done, ship it back. And yes, it’s that easy.

Let us know if you’re interested in this “Leo Loan”! Just send us a message through our contact form at your convenience! And remember: you can check out our site or contact us with your questions anytime.


We’ve had a great time this year and are happy to announce that the launch of our newest proprietary development—the Robotic Automation Cart—has been incredibly well received! For a demo of what it can do—or any of our other products, software, or services—find us at one of the remaining expos for 2022:

SAC – October 5-7 (Booth 309)
Nissan Manufacturing Innovation Summit – October 5-6 (Booth TBD)
Fabtech – November 8-10 (Booth BC16119)