It’s Expo Season and We Want to Meet You!

If you get our emails, you already know that we have a ton of incredible products in our arsenal. But did you know that the fall is the best time to try some of them out in person?

That’s because the fall marks the uptick in Expo season and not only gives us a great opportunity to meet our clients and friends in real life but also offers you the opportunity to see what tools, software, and resources we have available for your next reverse engineering project! And this year, attendees of the IMTS show will have a special treat: to see the latest and greatest (and still under wraps!) solution from Digitize Designs.

Here’s where we’ll be this fall:

IMTS – September 12th – 17th Chicago, IL – Booth #135934
IBEX – September 27th – 29th Tampa, FL – Booth #3-844
SAC – October 5th – 7th Atlanta, GA – Booth #309
Fabtech – November 8th – 10th Atlanta, GA – Booth #BC16119

So, whether you’d like to see a demo, want to talk through potential solutions for your next project, or just want to stop in and say hi, let us know! You can check out our website or contact us with your questions anytime.