The Vizoo xTex scanner digitizes physical swatches to create photorealistic materials with extreme speed and accuracy. The scanner, combined with the xTex software, allows you to rapidly create high-resolution and seamlessly tiled textures.


Place your swatch in the tray, click capture, and the xTex scanner will obtain and process all needed info from the swatch. The xTex software then allows you to create seamlessly tiling textures in minutes instead of hours.


The xTex scanner measures and calculates textures based on physical surface properties and is fully color calibrated for accurate results. With multiple camera and lens options, you can capture in resolutions up to 2243 DPI.


Whether you are using PBR (metalness), phong (specular/glossiness) or some other common workflow, the xTex system will work for you. The xTex output is compatible with all the leading 3D software options including 3DS Max, Maya, VRED, Blender, Substance Painter/Designer, Mari and more. The xTex software even produces native Substance Painter materials for immediate use.

xTex Demonstration Video

We demonstrate the PBR (metalness) workflow in this video, but the system will create Phong (specular) textures as well. Click the button below to download the samples created in the video.

Download Sample Data (541 MB ZIP)

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