Scantech Axe-B11 – Demo Scanner

Scantech Axe-B11 – Demo Scanner

Experience large-scale 3D measurement with the Scantech AXE-B11 demo scanner, offering advanced technology without the need for additional devices.

This model features 11 crossed blue lasers, accelerating the measurement rate to an impressive 1,300,000 measurements per second. Its single blue laser line is adept at quickly capturing 3D data from deep holes and hard-to-reach areas of complex objects, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of scanning needs.

  • Super-efficiency
  • Accurate measurement
  • Double scanning mode

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Scantech AXE-B11: Ultra-Fast, Accurate, and Versatile 3D Scanning

The Scantech AXE-B11 3D scanner offers exceptional efficiency with ultra-fast speed, performing 1.3 million measurements per second on a spacious 550 mm × 600 mm scan area, requiring minimal markers. Its built-in photogrammetry system ensures impressive accuracy, with volumetric precision of 0.020 mm/m and overall accuracy of 0.020 mm. Scantech AXE-B11 is ISO 17025 certified for professional-grade large-volume 3D scanning without additional devices. It supports a double scanning mode, combining 11 crossed blue lasers and an extra blue laser line for versatile scanning options, including high-efficiency and specialized tasks like deep hole and dead angle inspection.

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Super-efficient and Versatile Scanning

The Scantech AXE-B11 3D scanner is known for its remarkable efficiency, capable of rapidly measuring large volumes at a staggering rate of 1,300,000 measurements per second, leading to substantial time and labor savings. With a generous scan area of 550 mm × 600 mm, it requires minimal markers for completing scans. This scanner offers versatility with its double scanning mode, featuring 11 crossed blue lasers and an additional blue laser line, enabling both high-efficiency scanning for large-scale projects and a single-line scanning mode tailored to specific requirements like inspecting deep holes and handling challenging angles, making it a reliable tool for diverse scanning tasks.

Precision and Versatility Combined

The Scantech AXE-B11 3D scanner is renowned for its accuracy, benefiting from a built-in photogrammetry system that enhances volumetric accuracy to an impressive 0.020 mm/m and ensures overall precision down to 0.020 mm. This certification, meeting the ISO 17025 standard, attests to its professionalism in delivering high-quality 3D scans for large-volume projects without requiring additional devices. Moreover, the Scantech AXE-B11 scanner’s versatility shines through its ability to adapt to various measurement demands, seamlessly pairing with accessories like the accurate reference bar and Helpers engineer kit, making it a comprehensive solution for diverse scanning requirements.


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Aerospace, Archaeology & Heritage Preservation, Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC), Automotive, Education & Research, Entertainment & Media, Forensics & Law Enforcement, Healthcare & Medical, Manufacturing & Design, Military & Defense, Transportation & Warehousing


Aerodynamics & Hydrodynamics Analysis, Design and Modeling, Digital Preservation, Interactive Learning & Training, Metrology, Quality Control & Inspection, Rapid Prototyping, Reverse Engineering, Site Surveying & Documentation, Tooling and Mold Creation, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Content Creation, Wear, Damage, and Condition Analysis

Compatible Software

DezignWorks Pro Mesh for Autodesk Inventor, Geomagic Control X, Geomagic Control X Essentials, Geomagic Design X, Geomagic Design X Essentials, Mesh2Surface SolidWorks Plugin, Polyworks | Inspector DezignWorks 10. Quicksurface, Pro Mesh for SolidWorks, QuickSurface


AESUB Scan Spray, Frames, Targets / Dots, Turntables

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