RM-300 Automated Mobile Inspection Workstation

Introducing the RM-300 Automated, MoBile Inspection WORKSTATION

The RM-300 is the first of many OEM automated solutions Digitize Designs will be releasing in 2023 and beyond. The RM-300 is our flagship automated mobile workstation and works by leveraging a top-tier tech stack in terms of best-in- class hardware and software, all combined in a compact, rolling cart construction. Meet the remarkable, all-new RM-300, recently featured in leading industry publication, Metrology News.

RM-300 Automated Inspection Mobile Workstation 3D Scanner

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RM-300 Technology Partners

The RM-300 Automated Mobile Workstation is designed by Digitize Designs and built on a Vention platform that utilizes SCANTECH SIMSCAN for 3D scanning/sensing, Universal Robot’s URE3 for robotics, a custom-built PC by Top Flight Computers and Dell Touchscreen Monitor for the system computer and dashboard, Nexos’ software for robotics and 3D scanning, and Polyworks Inspector software for automated inspections.

RM-300 Features & Benefits

The RM-300 features industry-leading software and hardware for 3D scanning integrated with a compact and portable rolling cart design. The RM-300 provides practically turnkey automatic part inspection, featuring:

  • 20-micron accuracy (0.0008 inches)
  • No need for powder on dark or shiny surfaces
  • 2 million points/second (average cycle time is less than 60 seconds)
  • Automatic inspections and reports created in Polyworks
  • Standard and customizable scan paths

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RM-300 Automated Inspection Mobile Workstation 3D Scanner



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